Remember my post “Is Your Child here to Get Revenge?” ? I am blessed, ‘cos I have both: one to get revenge while another to pay a debt of gratitude.
Well, the one who is here to get revenge gave me another punch in my face again with another health issue.

Let me say again: I do NOT believe in that!
However, it is true that Kitkit has another health problem added to his already pretty long list of health hazards. *eyes rolled*

It was Allan who first noticed that the way Kitkit walked was weird.

A NORMAL person would walk with his/her heel landing on the ground first before the toes. But my dear Kitkit does not. His feet land on the INNER SIDE first, especially his left foot. Even describing it to you now makes me feel weird. It sounds so strange to land on the inner side of your foot first with each step you take, right? Well, that is my Kitkit and he can walk and run really fast in that way too! *jaws dropped*

With endless reminders to ask him to walk with heels down first, I got REALLY sick of it. I do not like to be nagged at, so I would also try to prevent myself becoming the person I do not like – a nagger.

To end all these, I thought it would be good to visit the Orthotics.

With a simple 4 seconds scan, the results was Flat Foot and Pronation.

 photo insole3_zps3794c088.jpg

Symptoms of Flat Foot include

  1. Affecting walking and sporting performance
  2. Poor balancing & posture
  3. Fatique
  4. Knee pain
  5. Lower back pain

Symptoms of Pronation include

  1. Ankle pain
  2. Shin pain
  3. Knee pain
  4. Lower back pain
  5. Medial bunion, and
  6. Morton’s Neuroma

Among the ones listed above, my 8 year old definitely have a few ticks beside those symptoms.
The best age to have these issues corrected is between 4 to 10 years old.

We definitely needed a remedy for my child’s flat foot and Pronation, or should I correct that to my child’s flat FEET.

I thought, so long as it will benefit my boy, I am willing to pay. However, that being said, I still gasped at the price and ended up having a little discussion with Allan first before we took the plunge.

After several minutes of hesitation, we took the leap of faith and paid $365 for these special insoles which claimed were designed to control the mechanics of foot to a precise degree from the heel contact phase of walking or running through mid-stance and toe off phases.



We were told that on the average, a child would need to change or outworn these special insoles after a year or after 18th month. So if this pair could last Kitkit for one year, it would be A Dollar A Day.
Hhhmmm… with that thought, the price does not seem too difficult to stomach now eh? *wink*

He is scheduled to go back for a scan and review 6 months later and we are anxious to see how much improvement there would be.
*fingers crossed*

Nonetheless, even before that review date arrive, the change was instantaneous! He FINALLY walks like a Normal Human Being now!

Hooray! *clap clap clap*



Remedy for my Child’s Flat Foot and Pronation