Stay Home Activity – Rent DVDs


School Holidays are the best time to catch up on movies that we had missed previously on the big screen.
Such DVDs rental shops are not commonly found now, but we were lucky to find one.
Does your neighbourhood have such DVDs rental shops?
Do you rent DVDs too and watch movies at home with your children like us?
Its another form of family bonding activity too. *smile*


Stay Home Activity – Rent DVDs

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School Holidays Woes


Keeping the kids occupied during the school holidays is one thing, preventing them from seemingly endless squabbling is another thing all together!

I can crack my brain into broken-egg-pieces and get them into all sorts of fun activities, so as to shut them up from saying: “I’m so bored!”, yet regardless of how exciting those fun activities were, somehow my boys have this ‘thing‘ in them, which they can squeeze in between laughter! That thing is called “WRANGLE with Each Other” *Super Eyes Rolled*

They could be laughing this minute and screaming at each other the next! More unpredictable than the weather in Singapore! *pout*

Lots of skills are needed to PREVENT such unpleasant moments that could actually LAST THE WHOLE DAY and it totally drives me up the wall!!!!
Every little thing said by one provokes the other.
Every move made by one electric shocks the other’s nerves and send him raging with fire.
Even a glance, a look, a peep can also create a spark that does NOT produce nice fireworks, but a blaze that requires the fire brigade.

I have countless of examples to give, but I will just state a few here that totally swept me off my feet when it happened.

1- Playing at the playground
Happily taking turns going down the slide and suddenly, one decides to outrun the other to the staircase and the “Hey! Me first!” “No! I came first, get behind me!”

2- Playing Lego
Each was fixing their own Lego Soccer field. Each on their own bed. No clash eh?
Somehow this “I want to irritate with my brother.” thing comes on like a lightning and struck one of them, “Stop looking at mine! Don’t copy mine!”
And there goes another round of squabbles!

3- Going to some fun venues, in a car ride
They were excited during the ride as we moved closer to the destination, then suddenly we saw an accident on the right, everyone looked towards the right and instead of hearing, “Oh! What happened?” from the inquisitive kids, we heard, “Stop It, Will You!” “Get Lost!” “Stop touching me!” “Get away! I can’t see! You are blocking me!”

What happened to those many minutes of joy???
Its so fragile, so easily broken……..

Yet, I still treasure those minutes of PEACE and QUIET…..I just wished they could stay for a longer period of time…..

I am just very tired from breaking up the number of fights between them, which multiplies like crazy during school holidays!
During school days, they see less of each other and when they do, they talk to each other in a nicer manner, they treat each other better somehow. Even their tolerance level towards each other increases during schooling days.

Yet, keeping them occupied during school breaks does not ease the fights.
Separating them actually works better, yet it clashes with my belief of siblings SHOULD go through same or similar experiences. Which is why when I sign one up for an activity, the other is not left behind.
If the activity allows one and not the other because of age limit, then none will go.

I like my boys to have similar topics to talk about, make new friends in the same environment, it promotes better bonding between them.
I have seen the benefits of this belief of mine so I am sticking with it.
Yet, it also creates more opportunities for them to be on each other’s neck!
I am so torn!
Feel like I’m being shredded into pieces and its draining my energy with each passing day of the school holidays.

[For record purpose, as I am typing this post, they are bickering at this very moment]

I have learned NOT to STEP IN to break them up too early!
If I am so busy meddling with their every tiny shouting match, I will DEFINITELY GO INSANE!

So when do I step in?
When they are closing up on each other, the signs of physical clash happening soon.
When they come to me, which they seldom, because they know my rule too well: What Causes the Brothers to Fight shall be Taken Away.
A rule that was implemented when they were still in preschool and it still stands till this day.

My oh My!
(Looking at the Calendar)
There are 6 more weeks before school reopens……I just hope that I will still be in one piece by then….


 School Holidays Woes

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