Legoland WATER PARK, Malaysia – 1st Visit

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We get to experience Legoland WATER PARK, Malaysia, before the official opening date because of this promotion:


As Legoland Standard Annual Pass holders, we were able to enter the Legoland Water Park BEFORE its opened on 21st October 2013, by simply paying RM40/day/person.

Among the 3 dates given, we chose 14th October because its Not a weekend and its Not a public holiday. Simply because we do NOT like crowds.

Legoland Water Park has a DIFFERENT entrance from the all-too-familiar Legoland.
In other words, if you wish to visit BOTH Legoland and Legoland Water park, you will need to pay for the entrance fee to Legoland and ANOTHER entrance fee to Legoland Water Park.

However, if you had purchased the PREMIUM ANNUAL PASS, then its free entrance throughout the year for BOTH.
Two different entrances = Two different entrance fees.
Therefore, if you would like to go to Legoland Water Park only, then, you will have to go to the Legoland Water Park entrance to get your tickets.
Legoland Water Park is on the LEFT SIDE of Legoland, when you are FACING the Legoland entrance; it is also nearer to the Legoland Hotel, which will open next year.


Took a photo of the Legoland Hotel entrance while walking towards the Legoland Water Park entrance:




Looked like a long walk eh?
We took less than a minute to walk from the Legoland entrance to the Legoland Water Park entrance and arrived at 1pm.

Did you notice the sky???!!!
I had to warn the kids of the possibility of thunder or lightning alert, lest they get disappointed.
If the alert is sounded, all water activities will have to stop for a while, or till its safe to be out playing again, that was what the crew told me, while I was waiting to collect our entrance passes.





Lockers, Changing Room and Toilets were the first sections to greet us and we had a SHOCK when we saw the rental price of the lockers!



LWaterPark-1hYes, there are small lockers and big lockers to choose from and the size difference is more than double. Thus for us, it had to be the big locker. To spend RM40 on a locker was definitely beyond our expectation! RM40 for a locker?!? Oh well, we had too many things with us! Furthermore, as ALL of us will be getting ourselves wet and no one will be there to look after our bags, so we did not really have a choice but to pay RM40.

As you can see from the images below, you need to use this machine to rent the locker.

The locker is accessible to you throughout your stay inside the Legoland Water Park. Yes, you can open and reopen it as many times as you want.

You can either use a password or secret code to lock your locker or you can choose to use your finger print to secure your locker, either way, it works just as well. However, if you fear that your fingers will be wrinkled up because you stayed in the water for too long and the machine could not match your wrinkled finger print with your original unwrinkled finger print, then you might want to opt for the password or secret code option. Nonetheless, we still choose to use the finger print method, definitely more secure and Allan’s finger was the chosen one. *wink*


This was the second shock we received. Imagine you had 1 piece of RM50 and you needed the RM20 locker, you lose RM30 instantly!

So make sure you have sufficient RM10 notes available before going to Legoland Water Park. Well, of ‘cos you can start walking around and looking for kind souls to give you smaller change, but, we prefer NOT to bother others. Luckily we had 4 pieces of RM10, so its ALL GOOD for us.





After paying, the screen will show you the LOCKER NUMBER allocated to you. Yes, you CANNOT choose the location of the locker. Well, we had the bottom level and we were really happy with it.


Ok, some things shocked us in the bad way, while others surprised us in the good way.

FAMILY ROOM for shower!!!
Pretty cool isn’t?!
There is one Family Room in each of the male and female changing area and toilet area.
Therefore Allan could shower with the two boys together.
And if you have daughters, Mummy and daughters could shower together.
Family Room remained as Gender-Differentiated.
So Daddy cannot join Mummy and the daughters and Mummy cannot join Daddy and the sons.


Ok, ok, I know you are dying to see the rides, but before that, Let’s Have Fun And Be Safe!
Check out the rules.
Most rides need a minimum height of 1.02m.



Something else surprised us in the good and bad way too!
I saw SEVERAL CABANAS available at strategic locations in the Legoland Water Park.
I thought it was pretty awesome for maybe two to three groups of families, coming together to have a day of fun here, could rent such Cabanas and thus could “secure” their bags inside, making it more accessible to take things from the bags, instead of going to the far end of the entire place, where the lockers are to retrieve things from the bags.

For these 3 days, at special promotion rate, each Cabana cost RM150!!!!
After these 3 days, normal rate is at RM300 for each Cabana!!!
*jaws dropped*
Maybe we are cheapos, but SERIOUSLY???!!!

Oh well, there were still people who were willing to pay that price as we saw Vacant Cabanas as well as Occupied Cabanas.




If your child does not know how to swim, life jackets are also available : FREE OF CHARGE! *smile*

3 different sizes for your children to choose.

However, if you are an adult and would like to have a life jacket…..Errrmmm….I’m sorry, there aren’t any available. But seriously, no adults would need one in this Legoland Water Park, Malaysia. Its just that my cheeky Allan took a blue life jacket (meant of older kids) and wanted to use it as a float for fun and was stopped by the life guard. [By the way, he is a good swimmer. Just in case you are thinking if my hubby knows how to swim.] He was just being his usual cheeky self.


There are also SHOE RACKS  infront of different rides for you to ‘keep‘ your footwear, before you head out for the rides. However, we find it a bore to wear and remove our slippers constantly, so our slippers were safely locked up with our bags way back in the locker room and we ran around the place barefooted. Oh yes! We RAN around! *laugh* Too excited to be on every ride, I guessed. Yes, its a little slippery at certain spots, but its quite alright on the whole.

Alas! I forgot to take a photo of the shoe racks! *sigh* But no worries, you won’t missed it! I guarantee you! Its too strategically located that its impossible to let it slipped the corner of your eyes.

Alright, here comes the rides……………….as it was a soft launch on 14th October 2013, some of the attractions were not available. Nonetheless, we tried ALL the rides which were opened that day and missed out none, even the ones which we were totally OVER AGED for! *laugh*

Ok, let’s start with OUR FAVOURITEs!!!!

Among all rides in Legoland Water Park, Malaysia, I love the ORANGE-YELLOW(end) SPLASH ‘N’ SWIRL the most because its the steepest ride whereby you can choose to go alone or with a partner. Kitkit was my partner twice, whereas Allan and Binbin only went once as a duo.

The 3 males in my family prefer the BRICK BLASTER  instead, which is the RED-YELLOW slide. Not as steep, but you get to slide really high on your left and right as you go down the slide. Maximum 3 people in one buoy.



See the different coloured buoys below?
The figure 8 buoy (blue / yellow), which sits 2 people, AND the yellow single buoy is for the ORANGE-YELLOW(end) SPLASH ‘N’ SWIRL.
The bigger buoy (green coloured) is for the RED-YELLOW BRICK BLASTER. Be careful with this green buoy, its really heavy! Bear in mind, you will need to hold on to it while you wait in queue on the stairs. Its good to have one person infront and another at the back, ‘cos I saw someone lost her grip and it started to row down, hurting the person standing behind.


Be careful NOT to join the wrong queue, which happened to me once.

[Based on Picture Below]
If you are going for the RED-YELLOW BRICK BLASTER, you should be queuing with your GREEN buoy (fit 3 people maximum), towards the RIGHT SIDE of the staircase.
However, if you are going for the ORANGE-YELLOW(end) SPLASH ‘N’ SWIRL, you should be queuing with your figure-8 buoy (sits 2 people) or your single yellow buoy, towards the LEFT SIDE of the staircase.
Thus, one staircase serves TWO different queues for TWO different rides.


I am not sure if you could switch the different buoys between these two rides, ‘cos I saw NONE did it. As we were OBVIOUSLY NOT the first to arrive at the park [We arrived at 1pm], we just followed accordingly. According to the website, it also did NOT mention that the specific buoys could be used on other slides.

Some of you may know that I am the ‘thrill-seeker’ in the family, whenever I come to such places. Yet, there is this one slide which totally CREEP-ed ME OUT!!! *laugh*
In almost TOTAL DARKNESS, from beginning till end.
All that I could see in the tunnel were teeny weeny green neon lights in the Steep-Tube-Slide.
However, I was going down SO FAST I could hardly see anything, just flashes of green neon lights zooming pass my sides!!!

I do not like the feeling of not being able to see where I am going…..
I went once and dare not go for the second round! *laugh*

However, if you are a MORE thrill-seeker than I am, I believe you would enjoy this TIDAL TUBE, which is the GREEN SLIDE, located beside the SPLASH ‘N’ SWIRL and the BRICK BLASTER. Though the slides are just next to each other, the queue for the TIDAL TUBE starts at a different flight of staircase. So make sure you are queuing correctly.

Actually, its quite easy to spot, because this queue does not need any buoy. Its just you and your shadow! *wink*


Are you wondering about the BLUE SLIDE in the picture above?
That’s the WAVE RIDER!
This was THE SLIDE we went for the most number of times.
No buoy needed.
If I did not remember wrongly, there are 3 ‘drops‘. Nope, it does not hurt the butt, even if yours is as skinny as my Binbin’s.
The ride is long and not too scary.
Its pure good fun.

We are a family who believes in having fun together AS A FAMILY and RED RUSH satisfied this belief of ours.
This buoy is so big, it needed a machine to reel it up!!!
Pretty cool!






The maximum number of people I saw going into this big buoy was 6. 3 adults and 3 small kids hitting the minimum height requirement by a slight margin.
As for the 4 of us, it was a comfortable ride.
We went on it twice. *smile* Its nice to ride as a family……

There is a BLUE SLIDE just next to this RED RUSH.
The SAME staircase for RED RUSH leads to this BLUE SLIDE too.
I am unsure of the name for this BLUE SLIDE. To me, a simple, unexciting ride, great for those who does not like too much hype.




The GREEN SLIDE next to this BLUE SLIDE was closed on the day of our visit. *pout* So no review on that.

If you are a competitive type of person, you would love the SLIDE RACERS!
A maximum of 6 people could compete in the same ‘race‘.
Each of you will need to take a BLUE MAT and SLIDE YOUR WAY DOWN with YOUR BELLY on the BLUE MAT!
This is also a great chance to find out who is the heaviest in the group, ‘cos the heaviest often ends up first! *laugh* Oops! Unless someone had a false start! *giggle*

If you do NOT want your ‘toes nails to be filed’, I do suggest that you lift up your feet slightly when you are competing with your family and friends in this SLIDE RACERS.






Ok, what if you have toddlers or children below the height limit for these rides?
They will have great fun at these spots:



Can you see the ‘BLUE MAT’ submerged in the water, at the end of the slides? Its a ‘SOFT LANDING’. Therefore, you need not worry that the butts of your little ones would be hurt. *thumbs up*

I also liked the idea of the BIG ORANGE SLIDE in the middle of this SPLASH SAFARI. So far, it can fit 4 to 5 kids at a time, depending on the butt-size of the children. *giggle*

Though my boys were over aged, especially my man, they actually had fun at this corner! Colour me surprise! *laugh*



WARNING : The water in this multi-level playground is REALLY COLD!!!!
So if you are just like me, who gets sick easily in ‘cold temperatures’, then, this is not the place for you.
My children ran around this playground without any issues and Kitkit also had a chance of getting splashed by the BIG BUCKET of water that pours gallons of water every time its filled. All that I did was sitting quietly at one side with just my feet soaked in the cold water.

I was looking forward to ‘BUILD A RAFT‘ with the soft Lego Bricks before I went down on 14th October and was disappointed to know that this area was closed too on that day.



***Oh wait! Can you see a small hill-liked structure made from rounded tubes on the bottom left of the photo above? Its blue, green and red in colour. Only a small part of the structure can be seen…….found it? Yup! That’s the shoe rack which I forgot to take a photo of! See?! Its well placed! Told you, you won’t missed it! *wink*




Project X from Legoland was so near to this part of Legoland Water Park that you could hear the screams coming from the riders! *giggle*

If you have older folks who find the slides too exciting for their weak hearts and the young kids area too childish for them, yet they do not want to sit there and watch you have fun, they could have a dip in the WAVE POOL! The best place for EVERYONE, regardless of race, language or religion! *Super Grin*






There are two eateries inside the Legoland Water Park. This is one of them. The food that the two eateries sell are slightly different, but the prices are almost the same.




If you need some last minute shopping, there is a shop right next to the locker area to get all your ‘swim-fun’ needs.



Remember how dark the sky was when we arrived?
It looked like it was going to be another round of thunderstorm. (A storm ended when we crossed over to Johor Bahru, Malaysia.)
Yet, when we started to play, the sun decided to join in the fun!
I did NOT turn on the flash for the last photo above……… it was THAT GLARING at almost 6pm!!!!
In my opinion, the sun had ‘TOO MUCH FUN’!……..No Good!
(You’ll know why I said that…read further down…)


The day ended with lots of groaning about aches on legs and thighs because of the stairs we had to climb.
The more exciting slides were the ones which came with height, so you can expect LOTS of stairs climbing for that few seconds of fun sliding.
Oh well, it was worth it!
Binbin and I had ‘souvenirs‘ from our day at Legoland Water Park, Malaysia. He was too skinny and ‘dropped‘ into the buoy ‘hole‘ when he was on the SPLASH ‘N’ SWIRL with Allan. As a result he’s tail bone was dragged and bumped on the way down. OUCH!

*heartpain* When I saw his abrasion on his tail bone, I felt like crying, ‘cos it was more than 3cm long! I did not put up a photo of his abrasion here because it was too near to his butt-line and I think it is inappropriateto show that part of his body to the world.

As for me, I was badly sunburned!!!
Pictures are worth a thousand words.
See for yourself.

Today is the 3rd day after we left Legoland Water Park, Malaysia and this photo was taken today.
It is still very sore!!! See?! I told you the Sun had too much fun! *pout*
Reminds me of the terrible incident when I scalded my 10 fingers last month – Read Post Here.


Though it was our first visit to Legoland Water Park, Malaysia, it is likely to be our last too…because we find that it is not worth buying an Annual Pass for it, as we started to feel bored after 4 hours of play.
Thus in my opinion, for this place, ONCE IS ENOUGH. *smile*



Legoland WATER PARK, Malaysia

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Playful Elves at West Coast Plaza

Places Kids Love

It has been a very long time since my boys went crazy running around in an indoor playground. Though at the age of 8 and 9, they remained totally amused and excited, when I told them about the sponsored visit to Playful Elves. Their enthusiasm was not any lesser than how they felt when they were in their preschool years.
I guessed such indoor playgrounds do have a very special place in kid’s heart even when they could no longer stand and walk through the passage ways like how they use to do in their younger days. That being said, even though they had to move through some areas, in the indoor playground, on bended backs, they will ALWAYS come out smiling or giggling!

 photo playfulelves-1_zps118c027b.jpg

When I saw my boys laughing and having fun, I just could not help but kept capturing every moment on my phone-camera. There are too many photos to show, and to prevent the loading time of this page to take ages, I have decided to put most of them in a slideshow at the end of this post.

We had been to several different indoor playgrounds and Playful Elves reminds me of a Chinese saying “Though the body of the sparrow is small, but its fully equipped.”

Playful Elves consists of different sections, which includes one for Birthday Party or Special Activities, the main play area, the bouncy castle corner, the carpeted ‘road‘ for ‘ride-ons’ and the cafe area for parents to relax while their children play to their heart’s content in Playful Elves.

Instead of introducing the play area first, I would like to focus on the cafe or the rest and relax area for parents or guardians. I was VERY happy to see this screen hanging on the wall, which captures different parts of the place. So parents can SERIOUSLY sip their coffee, chat with friends while occasionally taking a peek at the monitor screen to check on their kids without the need to physically get out of the chair and go hunt for them.
*Super Thumbs Up*

 photo playfulelves-2i_zps5914094d.jpg

Though this was truly good, but I did not get to use it because, as most of you (my loyal readers) know, I am a BIG KID! So long as I am allowed to go inside the play area with my children, I would be picking up balls and crawling up and down with them. Oh yes! Sweating it out while trying to capture every precious smile or laughter my boys make.

I apologise for many blur shots because the kids were so hyper active in the play area!

 photo playfulelves-1g_zps9f47095a.jpg

 photo playfulelves-1a_zps43da8e31.jpg

 photo playfulelves-1l_zps38da676d.jpg

 photo playfulelves-1q_zpsbb0b5d8f.jpg

 photo playfulelves-1i_zps61dd259b.jpg

[More photos in the slideshow at the end of this post.]

We went on 1st October 2013, Tuesday and my boys were the tallest among the kids there on that day. Yet, they were having the most fun, in my point of view, because their happy vibes were so strong, every other kid started to follow them around. It was so difficult to take a shot of them without other kids near them, as I kept hearing now and then “Auntie, can see me?! (in the camera) *laugh* It brought back great memories of my days as a child care centre teacher….. *grin*

 photo playfulelves-1c_zps2c4f081b.jpg

It was a great thing that the end of the bouncy castle slide lands on the carpet. The cushion absorbed some impact from the great ‘landing‘ Kitkit had! The heavier you are the harder you land! *laugh* He was still laughing away when the loud thud was heard.

 photo playfulelves-1fa_zps8162d807.jpg

Its amazing how this place truly turned kids into playful elves! Kitkit missed those days of scuffling his (then) tiny feet inside one of these ride-ons. Now that he is so much bigger, he still find ways and means to squeeze himself in! “Mummy! Take Photo of Me!” he yelled. *huge laugh*

 photo playfulelves-2c_zps7f15d420.jpg

Binbin had a pleasant surprise when he found a mini-soccer ball and the soccer-crazy boy started a game of ‘penalty-kick’ with his brother. I guessed the weekly Saturday soccer training for him just ain’t enough to satisfy his love for soccer.

 photo playfulelves-2e_zps6f0cf442.jpg

Just then, ‘he‘ appeared!!!
Instead of screaming, my boys started laughing!

 photo playfulelves-2g_zpsa19b0c66.jpg
 photo playfulelves-2h_zpse6d1d98b.jpg

Playful Elves made Kitkit and Binbin so happy that even a ‘scary face’ doesn’t stop them from grinning.
*thumbs up*

Totally in the mood for Halloween, Playful Elves has lots of fun activities up in their vampire sleeves and ready to show every kid who comes for the Halloween Party on 25th October!
Early Birds get 20% off!!!
Meaning with just $40, your kids get to enjoy all the stuff listed below and more…..
The last day to enjoy this special offer is 4th October 2013.

 photo HalloweenPE-1_zps068c735b.jpg

As I was playing with my boys the whole time, I felt really comfortable as there were no foul smell, unlike in some indoor playgrounds we had visited in the past. It is normal for kids to perspire like a faulty-tap during play, so the smell of sweat are usually trapped in such indoor playgrounds, unless the ventilation is really good and I can say so for Playful Elves. No foul smell, just pure fun in a clean environment.
*thumbs up*

Playful Elves mission : “Reimagining Play, The Playful Elves Way”.
As such, on every weekday, from 5pm-7pm kids get to enjoy the following activities for FREE with every paid entry:~

  • Monday- Arts & Crafts
  • Tuesday- Balloon Sculpting
  • Wednesday- Face Painting
  • Thursday- Science Day
  • Friday- Carnival Friday

Among all the choices, Balloon Sculpting was the one which stood out for us. My boys had always been fascinated with the speed, precision and agility of balloon sculptors’ fingers. Kitkit and Binbin were so eager to learn, especially my elder one, it was one of those rare moments when I could see the ‘serious look’ on their faces; when the skillful Indoor Play Manager, Shingo, taught them the basics of balloon sculpting.

Seriously! Speaking from experience, not everyone can be a teacher to more than one kid at one time, because every child learns at different speed. One needs lots of patience and skill to make sure that the children had fun while imparting knowledge to them and Shingo has it.

Kitkit was better at balloon sculpting than Binbin. Maybe its because of the 18 months difference or maybe, simply, because Kitkit is more interested in sculpting his OWN balloons than receiving one that has already been sculptured. Kitkit listened and watched attentively to whatever Shingo said. When the balloon sculptor advised my 9 year old to use other parts of his body to hold the balloon while twisting, he put it into action straight away.

His armpit, his knees, the table in front of him and even his chin!!!
He did not care if he had to put his face down….so long as he could get his balloon into the right shape!

 photo playfulelves-3z3_zps50feb5bb.jpg

 photo playfulelves-3o_zps608f499b.jpg

 photo playfulelves-3r_zps9fca2612.jpg

 photo playfulelves-3v_zps74620d48.jpg

 photo playfulelves-3z_zps01836b3b.jpg


They started with a sword, a puppy and followed by a laser gun.
 photo playfulelves-3q_zpsf3667473.jpg

 photo playfulelves-3z1_zps108c71ee.jpg

 photo playfulelves-3z5_zpsc2580cb1.jpg


At the end of the learning session, the kids ran back to the play area and sweat it out again. Suddenly, Shingo asked what characters do Allan and I! He was prepared to sculpt one for us. I was pleasantly surprised! Errr…I thought it was just for kids. So we get to have a souvenir too! Yeah! After some thought, Allan chose IRON MAN! *faint*
I was thinking: “Isn’t that too difficult to be completed in such a short time??!!!”

Wow! I was greatly impressed by how at ease Shingo was when he started twisting, turning, breaking and tying different parts of the balloon to create the IRON MAN in just a few minutes:-

 photo playfulelves-3z6_zpsa3c92edd.jpg

*Super Thumbs Up*

Most kids love balloons and Shingo would probably be the star in every birthday party.
Oh yes!
Playful Elves have party packages too if you are thinking of having a birthday party for your child.

 photo BParty-1_zpsa46bc774.jpg photo BParty-1a_zpsaaeee899.jpg

Intimate Party Package is catered for a group of 10 to 16 kids (Though the website said “10”, I had confirmed with the staff that this package is for 10 to 16 kids).
Special invitation cards (picture above) will be provided for you to give to your guests.
During the 2 hours party time, there will be professional party hosts attached to the party to oversee the event that comprises of exciting games with prizes to be won.
Colourful Balloons will also be given to each child.
Not forgetting having access to the play area mentioned in the beginning of this post.
Special party food will also be provided for all children. Parents get to decide on the menu when they go down to Playful Elves to make a 30% deposit payment.
If you have a birthday theme in mind, eg. a Princess theme or Soccer theme, just bring down your own decorations an hour before the party and the staff can decorate the party room for your child’s birthday party.
The Birthday Child will also get special souvenir pack from Playful Elves, as well as a family photo as souvenir.
On top of that, your child becomes a 1 year friend of Elves membership! Whoo-hoo!
The Intimate Party Package is priced at $426.95, inclusive of GST.
Do note that if your group exceeds 16 kids, the 17th kid to 19th kid will have to pay an additional $30 each.

However, if you have a group of 20 kids, then go for the Amazing Elves Party Package, whereby its very similar to the Intimate Party Package mentioned above. The only difference is EVERY kid who came for the party will leave with souvenir pack, instead of just the Birthday child alone.
The Amazing Elves Party Package is priced at $640.95, inclusive of GST.

For the two packages above, your child and his/her little guests will be using the indoor playground with other Playful Elves’ young customers.
If you choose to have a ‘close-door’ PRIVATE birthday party for your child, whereby there will be no other kids inside Playful Elves except your child and your invited guests, then opt for the Ultimate Elves Party Package, priced at $1603.95, inclusive of GST.

For the Ultimate Elves Party, it is advised to be held on Weekends or School Holidays between 11am-1pm OR 6pm-8pm.
For the Intimate Party Package and the Amazing Elves Party Package, you can choose any 2-hour time slot within the operating hours on Weekends or School Holidays, that is IF it has not been reserved by an ‘earlier bird’.

When I checked out the date for Kitkit’s birthday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that for the month of November, Playful Elves has several bookings for their weekend parties already!

Nonetheless, if you intend to hold a party in other venues and want to make sure that every young guest, whom you invited, had a great time, Playful Elves also provide the following Party Services:-

  • Rental of inflatables
  • Rental of cool electric vehicles
  • Rental of Little Tikes ride-ons
  • Balloon sculpting
  • Onsite magician
  • Play crew assistants
  • Party favours (value for money gifts to stuff into goody bags)

For more information, you can always contact them at or check them out on their website or visit them personally at their fun-filled place catered for kids from 18 months old to 12 years old  :-

Playful Elves Pte Ltd
154 West Coast Road
West Coast Plaza
Singapore 127371

IMPORTANT: REMEMBER to bring SOCKS if you want to enter the play area!!! Its a great hygiene-practice!

 photo playfulelves-11_zps570398b8.jpg

Before we left, Kitkit and Binbin each received a goody bag as a Children’s Day present!
Thank you!
Among all things inside, the one which EXCITEs them was the ‘Dinosaur Eggs’!

 photo Goodies-1c_zps807d034e.jpg

 photo Goodies-2a_zps41b75a39.jpg

 photo Goodies-1b_zpsb8cf162a.jpg

We felt very honoured to be invited for this sponsored visit to Playful Elves. Thank you very much for making my boys so happy for those 2 hours!

View more photos in the slideshow below:
***If your mobile device does not support slideshow, I’m afraid you will have to view it on your PC or laptop.***

1568rich's Playful Elves album on Photobucket

***Details given in this post are correct as of this date.


Playful Elves at West Coast Plaza

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