Over and over again,
Binbin showed that he loves his brother in more ways than one .
over and over again,
Keatkeat used his brother’s love to his advantage.

it was an accident.
accidents are unexpected.
why does the one that showed the love had to be the one who suffer?

Keatkeat’s teeth was not well-brushed.
I told him to re-brush them.
I have a rule that my kids have to abide,
that is:
‘Instructions are to be followed once its given’
I do not like to repeat, ‘cos it breeds nagging…
and hence,
if I need to repeat an instruction,
punishment will be served.
Punishment in the form of taking away rewards…

I said: “Keatkeat, brush your teeth again.”
He did not move.

Binbin: “Gor (Bro), go brush your teeth.”
Keatkeat tried to run away from the toilet.
Binbin: “Gor, Mommy told you to brush your teeth! Go!” and tried to stop his elder brother from escaping…
Binbin understands the consequences of not following instructions,
so he tried his best to prevent his 7year old brother from being punished….

the older
but less sensible brother
thought it was fun to run away from his younger brother’s clutches.

So Keatkeat tried to escape further.
Binbin stretched out his leg against the sliding door wardrobe.
Keatkeat pushed his way through.

The sliding door fell off its rollers,
landed straight onto Binbin’s toeS.

My heart was thinking, “Not Again!?!” after what happened previously.
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doordrAnd I was right.
It was not that bad.
Two Toes were injured!

I could imagine the force onto his toes when I saw the dent at the bottom of the fallen door:


I tried so hard to hold my tears.
My Heart Hurt So Much when I saw blood all over his fingers,
which were grabbing his bleeding toe…

I told myself,
I must not cry…
I took a wet hankie,
wrapped it round his toe,
added pressure on it to stop the bleeding…
the blood soaked through the hankie and onto my fingers…

“I must not cry, I must not cry…” I chanted to myself.
It seemed like forever trying to stop the blood,
and my heart pounded faster and faster…

The toe swelled
the skin sliced
the flesh bruised
the blood clotted


My super-pain-tolerant-boy could not fight the pain this time.
He wailed.
So loudly.
For so long.
Till he fell asleep in my arms.

When I heard his breathing deepens,
that’s when I could hold no more.
I cried.
My heart hurts so much, so much….