Nope, I am not talking about proverbs or proverbial phrases, I am talking about giving away my boys’ bicycles.

We gave away Kitkit’s bicycle to my 2nd & youngest niece few weeks ago. Yes, one bicycle for the two of them because Binbin’s bicycle was given away to Binbin’s friend.

The Saturday after the bicycle was given to the girls, my 2nd niece rang me up “ShenShen, I know how to ride a bicycle already!”

She was so happy and so was I!

She has a bicycle that she could practise riding on. The bicycles she had at home are either too big (Grandpa’s) or too small (5 year brother’s).

However, I feel that, given her height, a bigger bike would suit her better. Maybe because this bicycle allows her to find her footing easily when it wobbles, thus giving her confidence a boost.

Anyhow, its still a BIG “Yeah!”
*clap clap clap*


One week later, it was my youngest niece’s turn to shout out “ShenShen, I know how to ride a bicycle already!”

One small gift benefited two!
*Thumbs Up*


So the ones left, who still could not ride on a two-wheeled bicycle, were the eldest grandchild and the youngest grandchild in the family.

Last week, before we set off to have that sumptuous birthday dinner (Read Post ‘Happy Birthday Grandma!‘), it was my eldest niece turn to master riding a two-wheeled bike!

*clap clap clap*

That same bicycle which helped Kitkit master riding on a two-wheeled bicycle has now become THE bicycle which helped my 3 nieces to do the same too!

One small gift benefited THREE!
Definitely One Gift Well-Given.

Watch the 3 girls enjoying their accomplishments…