Interrupting the Vietnam Trip posts because this is too significant and I do NOT want this to end up as a backdated post.

Kitkit had to stay back in school till 4.30pm because of a ‘Chinese Camp’ that teaches him how to make dumplings and other Chinese goodies and artwork.

Ever since they started to come home from school on their own, read this post “Another Huge Milestone for my Boys“, they had been diligently waiting for each other before they went on to take the public transport home.

They had been coming home as partners.

Today, different.

As it would be unfair to make Binbin wait almost 2 hours in school for his elder brother to be released from the ‘Chinese Camp’, we asked them if they were confident of coming home on their own, without the other’s company.

Both shouted “Yes!”
A lot of excitement was radiating in the car when we sent them to school this morning.

Yes, we chose to continue to send them to school by car every morning because we want them to snuggle in bed longer and steal that few minutes more of sleep.

We only had one spare phone.
So one of them will be out of reach if he is out of school.
We decided to let my 8 year old hold the phone.
Oh yes!
My Binbin is 8 years old already as of last Saturday!
Yet to post his birthday celebration at Coasta Sands Chalet over last weekend.


Time sure pass quick.
I looked at the time,
I looked my phone,
its any minute now…
I was waiting patiently for a message from Binbin, who is supposed to be out of school already.

And the message came!
“I in the bus now”

Then some minutes later, my phone rang…
Binbin: “Hello Mummy! I come down from the bus already.”
Me: “Where? I still don’t see you?”
Binbin:“Wait ah! I’m walking….you will see me soon. Go to the window now.”
Me: “I am at the window…….Ahhhhh… I see you!!! Hi!!!!”
We waved madly at each other.
Me: “You looked REALLY handsome from up here!”
Binbin:“Don’t be cheeky ah! Ok, I’m coming up now. I put down the phone ah. Bye bye.”


Me: “So how was it? Coming home alone?”
Binbin with a huge grin:“Fun!”


2+ hours later….
My doorbell rang.

Me: “Hi Handsome!”
Kitkit smiling: “Hi!”
Me: “How did it go? Coming home all by yourself?”
Kitkit’s eyes widened: “Cool man! When I reached the lift downstairs, I feel like a grown up boy.”
Me: “Yes! Big boy now. So PRrrrOUD OF YOU!” and I tussled his hair.


Celine Dion sang “All By Myself….Don’t Wanna Be…All By Myself…Anymore…”

If my boys knew the song, they would have sang “All By Myself….I Wanna Be…All By Myself…Some More…”

*huge laugh*

My oh my!
Another Big Milestone Checked!
This is like LEVEL 2 of my previous post “”Another Huge Milestone for my Boys“!

They did it!!!!
My 9 year old Kitkit
My 8 year old Binbin
They only had their shadows as companion.
No one else!

They crossed the roads
They took the right bus
Alighted at the right bus stop
Walked to the right block of flats
And came home safely in one piece.

Way to go boys!
Truly proud of the two of you!
*clap clap clap*


All By Myself…