I realised that I often ‘mature‘ my children much earlier than most parents whom I know.

I believe in giving my kids the key to independence when they start to show signs that they are ready and NOT based on their age as every child’s development stages is different.

All these years, I have repeatedly said that Binbin does not give me much worries, other than his unpredictable temper. He is way more independent and mature than his peers and even his elder brother.

They had been running errands for us ever since we moved to our new house last year’s Christmas Eve. Yes, they were out of the house on their own, alone, without the company of the other.

Binbin showed signs that he is VERY READY to travel to a further place on his own, so I decided to let them come home from school on their own today, 13th March 2012. Their very first time, taking a public transport on their own.

Sadly, Kitkit was not as ready as his younger brother when I broke the news to him yesterday, 12th March.

He does not even know what bus to take from school to bring himself home, even though I had brought him home from school on that bus before, when Allan had an appointment to go to.

That’s my Kitkit, too reliant….by nature…. till you shove his hand away from yours and ‘force‘ him to stand on his own feet.

At first, Kitkit did not know that Binbin had already agreed to this big plan, and my 8 year old started to find excuses.

But the moment he came to know that his 6 year old brother was up for the challenge, his I-can’t-lose-to-my-brother spirit appeared, “Ok lor!”

Allan said something which made me laughed a little, yet at the same time, its so True…..He said, “Binbin, Please bring your Gor-Gor (Big Brother) home.”

Sad to say, we trust the capability of our younger son more than our elder son.

Once we had confirmed the details, the kids were as excited as Allan and I!!!
The four of us went to bed with an extra beat in our hearts…


Today, 13th March 2012

Our agreement with the kids were to meet at home. No keys given. They were supposed to press the doorbell.
Yet, nearer to the time which they will be out from school, I started to feel TOO EXCITED!!!
So much so that I could not contain my excitement and decided to go down to the bus-stop to capture that precious moment on video : First Bus Ride On Their Own.

I wish I could show you the video, but I do not want the whole world to know where we are staying. So here’s a few snapshots of them alighting from the bus:

THEY HAD NO IDEA THAT I WOULD MEET THEM AT THE BUS-STOP….I was hiding behind the notice board…

It felt so good when I saw that Binbin made an effort to wait for his elder brother to alight from the bus before walking off.
Binbin truly cares. *smile*

Finally, Kitkit alighted after 3 people.

Started their usual chatter, I tried to hide…

But Alas! Binbin saw me. *laugh*

Binbin: “Eh?! Hi! I didn’t know you guys were here.”
Kitkit: “Where’s Papa?”
Me: “He’s at home…. Was it fun?”
Boys shouted: “YES!!!!”

I think it is also important to note down the feelings of their parents while waiting for that memorable moment to happen….

Here’s the screen shot of my conversation with Allan when I was waiting anxiously at the bus-stop:

YEAH!!!! *clap clap clap*
My boys had another huge milestone to add to their list!!!

I am a HAPPY MUMMY!!!!


Another Huge Milestone for my Boys