photo blli-1_zps70c6171a.jpg

Based on the Teeth Development prediction chart, it was spot on for Binbin again.

His Bottom Left Lateral Incisor started to shake before his 8th birthday, together with his Top Left Central Incisor.

They have been shaking for a really long time now. In fact, I thought the Top Left Central Incisor would drop first between the two shaky teeth.

Just look at how PROTRUDING it is!
 photo tlci-2_zps9f9f3a83.jpg
 photo tlci-1_zpsce1093d4.jpg

When you compare the above to the Bottom Left Lateral Incisor’s tilting-angle (picture below), I think you will probably agree with me too.

But the Top Left Central Incisor just refused to drop and is still hanging on tight! *eyes rolled*
 photo blli-2_zps4ea64274.jpg

I like to record down how each pearly drops out of my babies’ mouth and I think this round is the most interesting one yet.

Binbin told me that he was admiring his teeth through the refection on the stainless steel toilet roll holder in my Master Bedroom toilet, while he was pooing.

He saw his Bottom Left Lateral Incisor was so tilted that he was able to see the bottom of his tooth! It was standing on its edge!

Thus without much effort, with a teeny weeny force, he plucked out his tooth all by himself. He left his pearly white on my blue basin, cleaned himself and took a shower.

“Mummy! Come! Mummy! Come!” were his first words when he stepped out of the toilet.

After reciting his experience of self tooth extraction to me, he seek confirmation from me that tooth fairy would be coming tonight. *laugh*

Yes…. tooth fairy just stopped typing this post for a few seconds, went over to his bedroom and slot the golden coin between his pillow and pillow case. Sweet dreams my rooster boy!

And this is how he looks like now:

 photo blli-3_zps3d0e2d19.jpg