Yes, we went for the open house of Art Sense today.

Since this post is about creativity, I shall let the photos do the talking:

Though both boys were totally engrossed in their masterpieces, Keatkeat is the one who TRULY had his heart and soul in it.
Just look at the pictures, he was not interested in the photo-taking at all! Eyes were not looking at the camera, not one bit! *laugh*

…..Until this last picture, when he finally sat down and decided to call it a day.

Look at that Grin! Priceless! *smile*


The kids called it their very own PAC-MAN CITY!


On top of their artwork, they get to bring home a nice Art Sense badge and lots of colourful memories.


Their ‘teacher‘ told me, “Your boys are hilarious!” when I went back to fetch them after leaving them at the Art Studio for 1 hour.

I think its an AWESOME comment!
Its good that my children bring laughter to people around them.
*Super Grin*


Art Sense