Because of the fatal accident yesterdayLove For Brother Paid With Blood, Binbin is limping badly.

So, our previous plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day had been canceled. In short, we are grounded till he gets well. In order to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, I got the kids down to making MistleToe for this Christmas.

Things needed for the 2 types of Kids Crafts – Christmas Mistletoe:

  1. Newspaper
  2. Crepe Paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Adhesive tape
  5. Double sided tape
  6. Ribbons
  7. Christmas Magazines
  8. Christmas Garland
  9. Christmas Hanging Ornaments

Step 1: Open up the Newspapers. Crush 3 pieces horizontally like what Keatkeat did below.


Step 2: Twist the 3 pieces of Newspaper together as shown below.


Step 3: Form a circle by joining the two ends together with Adhesive tape.


Step 4: Cut the Crepe Paper, approximately 1.5 to 2 inches wide, as shown below.


Step 5: Unfold the strip of Crepe Paper, stick one end to the Newspaper Loop and start wrapping the Newspaper as shown below.


Step 6: When the loop is fully covered with the Crepe Paper, stick the other end of the Crepe Paper with Adhesive tape.


Step 7: Its Ribbon time! Fold the Ribbon into half and loop it over the mistletoe as shown below.


Step 8: Wrap the Ribbon round the mistletoe with spaces in between. Then tie the ends together so that you can hang it. See pictures below.


Step 9: Grab a Christmas hanging ornament and tie it to the top of the mistletoe. Ta-Daa. Simple Christmas Misletoe done.


If you think this is too difficult for your child. You may want to try an even simpler Christmas Mistletoe.

Repeat the above Step 1 to Step 6. But this time, instead of using Crepe Paper, use Christmas Garland.


Get the kids to cut out pictures that symbolizes Christmas. Then use the Double-sided Adhesive tape to stick the pictures onto the Garland.


After which, repeat Step 9 above and there you have it, a Fluffy Christmas Mistletoe.


Have a Blessed Christmas Everyone! *Grin*