I did not want to blog about this because I am emotionally unstable and mentally stressed after what happened on Monday 14th May 2012. I wanted to wait for the report to be out tomorrow before I blog about this.

However, after receiving so many questions from all over the place: Facebook, SMS, phone calls, emails, etc. I decided to post this up for all to read.

Monday 14th May 2012: We consulted the second child chiropractor. As mentioned in my “Child Chiropractor” post, we purely wanted to seek a second opinion, NOT that there was anything wrong with the first child chiropractor cum Chinese physician.

We swung from a simple down-to-earth Chinese Medical Clinic to a high end (in my view) professional, multi-branch-ed English Medical Clinic.

We swung from a consultation that cost $48 (with medication + massage) to a consultation that cost $100 WITHOUT anything else.

Even after presenting the 50% discount voucher and with a pre-arranged X-ray scheduled on Tuesday 15th May 2012, the total cost came up to be $214.00!

*jaws dropped*

So what did this second Child Chiropractor said about Keatkeat?

I only have one word to summarise the 15mins consultation :  Disheartening.

He did not just say it, he PROVED it.

Yes, we get to feel it with our own hands (with the doctor assistance)  and we saw it with our own eyes.

Let me list down Keatkeat’s issues: ~

  1. His right ear is higher than his left. Meaning his head is tilted towards the left side.
  2. His right shoulder is lower than his left. Thus there is always a strain on his neck because it is always in a flip-side-C position.
  3. His spine is in a slight S-Shape. The X-ray will show how ‘serious‘ the S-shape is and to what degree.
  4. His left pelvic bone is rotated forward, while his right pelvic bone is rotated backward. As a result, he has a shorter right leg, which will cause him to limp.

My first born came to this world with a beautifully perfect spine. So what happened???

This second Child Chiropractor’s verdict was, “Its likely Scoliosis.” Then he turned towards us and asked, “Anyone in the family have Scoliosis?”

Allan stepped forward and said, “I have.”

I went “HUH??!!!”

I know that Allan has a ‘MISSING PIECE’ in his lower spine but I did not know that his spine was S-Shaped!

Allan continued, “I was diagnosed with this when I was in Primary School, but soon after, the Health Promotion Board discharged me.”

With those words coming out from the patient’s father’s mouth, the doctor affirmed that it IS Scoliosis. He said that when someone in the family has Scoliosis, it increases the chance of the next generation to have Scoliosis by 30%.

However, he also said that it usually happens to female and pretty rare to happen to children of Keatkeat’s age, normally symptoms start to appear on older children.

The Child Chiropractor also mentioned that based on ‘his touch’, Keatkeat’s condition does not seem serious, however, because he is still growing, there is no guarantee that it would not get worse.

He talked about how scoliosis in children could worsen suddenly during puberty stage. It is an illness that needs long term close monitoring, at least until the age when he stops growing, 23 years old.


He is only 8 years old now! That would be 15 years of close monitoring and endless reminders (or nagging) of, “Sit properly”, “Walk Upright”, “Put a Pillow Behind your back to support it”.

*My heart sank*

I walked out of the clinic with the ‘heavy’ receipt and a heavy heart….


Tuesday 15th May 2012: We went for the X-Ray at Camden Medical Centre. We were told that we could not go to our preferred X-Ray centres, we MUST go to this one. *sigh*

Watching him in the room from the see-through glass suddenly made me realised how big and matured my boy has become. The doctor told him to stay still and not move, he did as told. He dare not even move his lips, which he usually would when he is nervous! *giggle*

Anyway, my Keatkeat had fun in the X-Ray room. He said with his cartoon voice, “It was so Cool! The X-Ray machine can go up and down by itself!” when he came out.

After he had changed out of his X-ray shirt, we saw the result on the screen. I saw that his spine is indeed in a slight S-Shape. But all that my cheeky boy looked at was his ‘little elephant’, which was captured in the X-ray too. *laugh*

Tomorrow, 17th May 2012, we will be going back to the Child Chiropractor to find out what he has deduced from the X-Ray.


Scoliosis In Children