Today marks the second assessment visit to SNEC, Singapore National Eye Centre,  AFTER Kitkit started on Atropine Eyedrops last year November.
I totally forgot that this day falls on the March 1-week school holidays!
*slap forehead*
The duration of the wait was as long as our first visit to SNEC, which also happens to fall on school holiday period – 2 hours!

At the end of the visit, when the staff was searching for an empty slot in the eye doctor’s super-packed schedule in September 2014, my first reaction was: “Does THAT date fall on the September 1-week school holidays? If yes, please change it to a school day for us please.”

 photo SNEC2_zps53c0da69.jpg================

Kitkit was able to get most of the numbers and alphabets correct during the preliminary test today.
The only alphabets which he kept saying wrongly were ‘D’ (he saw it as ‘O’) and ‘R’ (he thought it was ‘B’).
Other than these two, the rest had a perfect score.
Finally, I am seeing some results from the Atropine Eyedrops.

I remembered doubting the accuracy of Kitkit’s eye condition during the 1st assessment visit in January 2014, because he was playing games on the mobile phone while waiting for his turn and the result of the eye test was worrying. So today, I forbid him to use electronic devices at all from the time he woke up, in case it affects his eye test again.
Kids are seldom good at playing the waiting game, so mummy, aka me,  had to entertain him.
The only game which came to my mind was ‘I Spot Something, Can You Find It?’
Sound pretty lame?
Whatever, so long as it can stop him from chanting: “How much longer do we have to wait………?!!!”

After 1 hour and 50mins, it was our turn to see the eye doctor AT LAST!!!
Yet, we merely spent less than 3 minutes inside her consultation room.
She confirmed once again that Kitkit’s pupils are dilated, but the amount of dilation was not too much and was considered acceptable.
She also informed us that during the next visit, Kitkit will need to do the 3-eye-drop-test again, the one which made him cry previously.
Though Kitkit frowned the moment he heard those words, he was not as fearful as before, since he is so used to having eye-drops every night now.

The only upsetting part for him was the arrangement of the next visit.
The eye doctor is only available on Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon.
Since he needs to go to school in the morning, his only choice was Friday afternoon.
However, as I had mentioned in previous post, after the 3-eye-drop-test, he needs to stay indoors as much as possible to prevent sun rays from entering his eyes for 3 days.

 photo SNEC1_zps98850b69.jpgHis weekly soccer training is on Sunday mornings now because we had changed his soccer club. From Friday to Sunday, it is not a full 3 days. Therefore he was upset that he had to skip the soccer training on THAT Sunday.

With mixed feelings we left SNEC at 5.15pm.
Why mixed?
Sad that Kitkit had to miss his favourite soccer practice on one of the Sundays in September.
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