Its been FOUR days…from my previous post “My Son Hates His Name!”
4 days of feeling horrible, finally ENDS NOW.

Just came back from the lawyer’s office. Deed Poll done for my elder child. From this hour forth, the name ‘Keat‘ is abandoned. It has been changed to ‘Kkit‘.

On top of that, we have also included his English name ‘Zec‘ into his Deed Poll.

We thought, since we are already paying S$80.00 to change his dialect name, I might as well make full use of the money to add in his English name. With this done, the teacher can no longer say, “I will NOT call you ‘Zec’ because it is not in our school record.” *Humph*

As stern as a court order, I told KitKit that he is NOT allowed to change his name ever again! He shumpah agreed.

I went through lots of discussion with Kitkit over his name before we submitted the Deed Poll online to fix an appointment. We asked if he wanted his ‘Zec‘ to be infront or behind his dialect name.

After knowing that he may end up having the last register number in class if he choose to put ‘Zec‘ infront, he shook his head and said, “Though having ‘Zec’ infront sounds nicer, but I do not want to wait for so long during oral exams. I do not want to be the last one to be called in class. So put ‘Zec’ behind.”

Now that Kitkit is matured enough to understand what is going on, he is very much involved in the changing of his name. So much so that he highlighted this point, “I do not want my name to be the same ‘Kit’ as Mun Kit (his best friend), I feel like I am copying him.”

I want my child to feel comfortable with his name and feel proud of his name, therefore I chose to put an extra ‘K‘ infront of ‘Kit‘, hence we end up with ‘Kkit‘. Well, so long as its STILL PRONOUNCED THE WAY HE WANTS IT TO BE PRONOUNCED, I do not see any problem with it.

To me, its HIS NAME, HE SHOULD BE THE ONE choosing it.
For him, it has been a joyous event.

As for us, we would be running around to many places for the following days or weeks; going to school, bank, the passport office, etc to get his name changed.

The running around is all worth it, so long as NO ONE WILL EVER call him ‘K-iat’ again and make him so pissed, but will call him ‘Kit’ from now on!

*clap clap clap*

***SPECIAL NOTE: For all future blog posts, I will be calling my elder son ‘KitKit’ and NO MORE ‘Keatkeat’.



Deed Poll : ChangED my Child’s Name