My long time readers would know that I have been clearing my 7 years of retail stuff on eBay. My opportunistic boys took advantage of it too since a year ago. They have been witnessing their Mommy selling stuff through her eBay account.

They love it because:

  1. Mommy has extra money to buy things that the family needs.
  2. Selling things help to make the buyer happy, because the buyer found what he/she wants.
  3. Selling on eBay allows Mommy to stay at home and not stay away from home 12 hours everyday in the past.

Today, they did their 2nd deal. (1st deal post over here) *Kaching*

As usual, they did their accounts and bookkeeping.


“Mommy, sell ‘THIS’ and ‘This’ and ‘This’ too! So that I can have more money to put into my piggy bank. Yippee!” promoted my enthusiastic Keatkeat.

Indeed, more ‘Yippee!’ moments to come…. *Grin*