Thank you everyone for your consoling and encouraging words. I wanted to answer some of your comments in the comment boxes itself, but I’ve got a feeling, you probably won’t go back to the comment boxes to check my replies and there were alot of stuff I would like to take this opportunity to clarify too….

Because of the unpredictable weather, my elder one (the weaker boy) sneezes and coughs much more at night. Just like last night, he coughed till he vomits again. But it was brief and so it was settled fast.

Shemah’s hubby swear by his prevent-night-tantrums ritual (see her comments). Though I am a Believer of Christ, I am still a very superstitous person. To me, there is no harm trying things that doesn’t cause anyone to get hurt, instead it may just provide a solution to the problem. So when I hear such things, I do try! Guess what? I DID BATHE my little Binbin with ‘Hong Hua’ leaves (see the post ‘It’s Challenging-part 2‘) before he slept perfectly well for 2 nights now.

As I was once able to see the unclean’ I know ‘they‘ can be quite disturbing at times and my friend, Candy, who still sees them told me that this ‘power’ can be hereditary. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that. But dear friends, I am free from the ‘harassments’ already ever since I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. So IF Binbin really has it, I know there is a way to stop this.

Yes, he’s feet have not stepped into a Church before, ‘cos my MIL and FIL is strongly against it and they have warned me that if I ever try it, they would be ready with their armour and weapons to wage a war against me. But the time will come…Binbin and Keatkeat WILL be stepping into Church without pressure….

In Shemah’s comments, she mentioned about some parents having angel-patience too. I’ve been to other blogs where the parents say how well they handled certain kiddy situations that sounded so much like a direct copy from the parenting manual and that sounded just so non-human.

I’m sorry if I’m going to say something that doesn’t seem pleasant- I believe everyone should blog what’s true and what’s really from the heart. But there are people out there who blog-to-impress and when I realized it, it’s off my Google Reader list. I understand that different people blog for different reasons but whatever the reason is, shouldn’t it be truthful?

I blog what really happened, what really went through my mind, what I really felt at that moment. If I don’t feel like saying it, I’ll just SHUT UP!, instead of (lying) blogging what other’s would go “Wow” over. I love to have people who like THE REAL ME to come over to this tiny space of mine and not purposely attract traffic here for the purpose of popularity, though it will definitely boost my income with page-per-impression.

Some of you know that I rejected the tag on “A Tribute To Mom and Dad”. As much as I’m crazy over tags, I refused to do this tag, ‘cos I have nothing (good) to say about them. They are good (as a human) in certain ways, but as parents, they failed badly towards me. Did they support me? No! Did they console me when I was sad (oh how could they, when they are the cause of the hurt)? No! Oh well, ok, my mom gave birth to me and my dad housed me, that’s probably what made them good parents, does that count? I don’t hate them anymore, just that I REFUSED TO write something that doesn’t come from my heart.

Many do not understand the magic behind fengshui, many thinks that it’s a non-Christian-like behaviour, but did you know that many churches are built upon the advice from Fengshui Masters? Anyway, I’m not here to argue anything, it’s just my belief. And as for Lynn’s comments, active animals (like your horses) and active items (like waterfall) should never be placed in the bedroom, ‘cos it will cause troubled minds and restless souls, hence should never be placed in a place where everyone needs to rest and have a peace of mind.

Thank you everyone for loving my boys so much…yes Binbin slept well for 2 nights and I hope he continues for as long as forever and as for Keatkeat, it’s going to be a long term battle between his sensitive nose and his Bronchitis, which comes on and off….*phew* at least there are days where he does have good rest…