Yes, my child’s “old friend” is back to pay its visit again… yes my elder son has been coughing till his face and ears gone red again….he was diagnosed with Bronchitis when he was only 2 years old.

For those of you who are new to Bronchitis, you can read up here. Allan and I are non-smokers…so please don’t blame us, if you think we could have been the cause of it.

KeatKeat has been coughing before his birthday. He is a very obedient boy, we explained to him that even though it was his birthday, he couldn’t drink cold drinks and eat chocolates and all the sweets that will worsen his cough.

Yes, as you can see from his birthday photo, there were chocolate almost everwhere on his cake…he didn’t even take a bite. That’s how much self-control he has. Yes, he is an amazing boy.

Or maybe he is still haunted by the past experiences he had, whenever he starts to have this “phlegm” cough. I still remember the very first time he started this…he coughed so hard that he started to nose bleed. He burst his tender skin in his nose. We were in total shock, quickly lay him down; in a few moment, he vomitted blood… we didn’t know that by lying down, the blood from his nose could flow backwards and into his stomach which will cause his stomach to have adverse reaction, resulting in vomitting.

My little boy is afraid and he hated the feeling of coughing so hard till he lose his voice sometimes. But he can’t help but vomit occasionally. So we got to make sure that he is not too full during mealtime….or the chances of them coming back out of his mouth is almost 100%, when he starts coughing too hard.

Specialist on Bronchitis said that my son needs to build up his own immunity system to fight against this “enemy”, there isn’t any real medication for it, just normal cough syrup to reduce the intensity of the cough.

So for almost 3 weeks, we tried over best to “eliminate” all the other things that will worsen his condition, like keeping the house as dust-free as possible, no direct fan, no cold drinks, sweet and sour food….the list just goes on….

Its times like these that parents need to control their temper as they hardly get to sleep, cos the coughing gets worse in the night, due to lower temperature; and for 3 weeks, its a challenge.

Do you, or someone close to you, have any experience with such an illness…any new tips to share with me?