I succeeded!!!
This craze began with this post “Dare Take Up The Challenge

I succeeded…..But that is not the end. Its the beginning of a life-long commitment that I have for my kids. Nothing that they do is going to make me burst my lungs and deafen their ears.

A stare, yes.
An angry front, yes.
A deafening silence in disagreement, yes.
A walk-away form of retaliation, yes.
A lecture in a stern voice, yes.
But no more shall I scream at them at the top of my lungs.
No more!

The 3 Days Challenge marked the turning point of the end of the fiery dragon.

I have tasted enough of what anger of a parent can do to a child when I was a kid. I shall NOT pass this down to my next generation. It has to stop with me.

Letting Anger get in the way of effective parenting is so easy. I must not let anger grow bigger than me. Anger can become uncontrollable when its not handled well. Its a scary monster when that happens….

I am not trying to be super human, I am just acknowledging that one’s mind is BIGGER than anger and not the other way round. *wink*

Have a super parenting day, Mommies! *smile*