According to all the ‘fengshui’ write-ups for 2008, people born in the year of the Rooster, like Binbin and my mother-in-law, will not be having a smooth year. Sometimes, things like these are better not read, the words do stay in your mind all the time. Yucks!

Some may say, things do actually happen when you think too much about it. Guess what? It did happen to Binbin.

5 days before Chinese Lunar New Year, Binbin had stomach flu. Started vomiting at almost everything that went down his throat. We were trying so hard to get him well before the celebration begins.

Our wish came true at the very last minute. On new year’s eve, Binbin started to eat better, but poor boy was already 1.5kg lighter after the torturing days. We thought ‘Yeah, everything is over now’, but we were wrong.

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, while we were in my 3rd auntie’s house, my dad’s 3rd elder sister, Binbin had a great fall. He lost his balance and slam his mouth onto the metal leg of the table.

The thin skin, which joins the upper lip and the gums, was detached from the gum, causing lots of blood to flow. His crooked bottom teeth were almost fully straightened. You can imagine the force of the hit!

He was wailing like crazy! Remember, my boy is one that has a high tolerance level when it comes to pain? When he was screaming at the top of his voice, I know its super painful. My heart was bleeding as I see the blood continue to flow out from his mouth.

This scene reminded Allan and I of what happened to Keatkeat 3 years ago on the 4th day of Chinese new year. We were in my friend’s house. Keatkeat lost his balance when he was coming down from the sofa. His forehead banged onto the edge of the glass coffee-table, his skin was torn apart, blood were flowing down from his face. There were blood on his shirt, his hands, my shirt, my hands….I hate to be reminded of this!!! I hated myself for being a terribly careless mother. I hated myself for not being alert enough. Ahhhhh……….

He was rushed to the hospital. The doctor said he will not be able to stitch the wound because Keatkeat was unable to keep still. So he ‘Glued’ the wound up. It was really drama! 2 nurses were holding Keatkeat’s legs and hands, I was holding his shoulders and Allan was trying to keep his head still while the doctor squeeze the skin back together and poured the glue over.

The scar on Keatkeat’s left forehead will always be a scar in my heart too…………….


Today is the 7th day of Chinese New Year and my little one can finally drink milk from his bottle again. Unable to drink from his bottle is probably the worst thing for Binbin after the mishap. He is not concerned that he can’t eat his chocolate or sweets, nor concerned about his weight loss, but he is badly affected when he realised the pain from the blue-black lip and gums are preventing him from sucking from his bottle. We know that sucking has the magical calming effect on babies and the same magic goes for my 2-year-old too.

So he was extremely and I do mean EXTREMELY cranky for these 5 days! It really drives me nuts sometimes. Whenever he was throwing terrible tantrums, I had to look away so many times a day, take a deep breath and kept telling myself, ‘my boy is in pain…. my boy is in pain… my boy is in pain…’, put a smile back on my face, turn around and get back to the noisy kid. It was really a big change for a small boy like Binbin who is so used to eating almost everything all day long. The uncomfort from his never-full stomach is understandable. So well he has got an excuse for the tantrums afterall….*humph*

Finally, its all over! He can drink from his bottle, eat his chocolate, bite into his cookies, drink directly from the cup and brush his teeth! Yeeew! It was so yellowish! Now I am determined to help him get back the 2 kg which he lost over the past 2 weeks. Gonna bring back that 2 bouncy cheeks too. *Mm!*