My previous post “Happy Birthday Binbin”ended with a low note….Binbin ended his birthday celebration way too high….38.1 Degrees Celsius.

His temperature did not come alone…diarrhoea came along with it. Throughout yesterday, I was sponging my little 3-year-old every other hour non-stop till wee hours into this morning. The faeces looked familiar the moment I saw blood.

It was exactly the same as Keatkeat’s, when my 1st born was 1+.

We were 1st time parents then, so nervous, so worried, rushed him down to KK hospital and stayed there for 5 full days WITHOUT ANY MEDICATION. Reason? The doctors at KK hospital said the diarrhoea was due to bacteria. The child needed to fight the bacteria through his own immune system. So Keatkeat was shitting his little life away for full 5 days. I thought that was CRAP then, but now, I chose to accept it.

I did not intend to bring Binbin to see doctor at all but yesterday got a big turn for the worse. His temperature shot up to 40 Degrees Celsius. I got worried as I looked at his red-glowing face. Even when he was burning hot at 39, he was still playing like a mad dog. But the moment the thermometer hit 40, he became listless. That was at 5 am in the morning.

I kept sponging him even more till it drop to 38.5 Degrees Celsius, before I was willing to rest. By then, it was 6am. Can you imagine how heavy my eye-bags are now?

Slept for an hour, up at 7am to clear Binbin’s 14th diaper full of shit, brown and red. Its unlike the usual watery diarrhoea, its the jelly type, which makes me even more confident that his situation is the same as Keatkeat’s when Keatkeat was admitted to the hospital 3 years ago.

That gave me complete relief, ‘cos I know that my Binbin who is very different from MOST kids will definitely get well by today. (if you have read my post Dedicated to my Son – Binbin, you would know why I am so confident)

Anyhow, I still brought him to my family doctor after I fetch Keatkeat from school at 11.50am. By then, Binbin’s fever dropped to 37.1 degrees celsius. Ever since the shit at 7am, there wasn’t anymore till 10mins ago, which was 8 hours interval. That’s a super improvement.

The only thing I had to watch out was the amount of blood. Just make sure its not increasing. Some parents who hear this may think that I am risking my child’s life by not bringing him to see the doctor yesterday when his temperature was high and started to have diarrhoea.

But when you have ENOUGH experience from a very weak 1st born, you naturally become a semi-doctor for the 2nd child. It’s true. It’s how much you understand your child’s immune system, it’s how much you understand the seriousness of the sickness that will help you make the right choice. This clear understanding helps you to save alot of trouble queueing up at the hospital at wee hours in the morning and definitely save you alot of money.

When you have a child like my Binbin, who hardly fall sick in a year, or even when he does, all he needs is an hour in the playground, no medication needed in order to get well; you will completely understand why I did what I did.

That’s why I say he is a miracle kid. Go on, read (if you haven’t) that post dedicated to him, I bet you’ll love this child as much as I do.

But what a sick April Fool’s day joke, ya?