Back in March last year, when most of you haven’t found me in this super huge blogosphere yet, I posted something that ached my heart alot.

Allan has a friend whose daughter was ‘forced’ to be placed in a girl’s home by her own father. Full Story over here.

Recently, Allan had a client whose daughter is in girl’s home too. Similar fate. She was requested by her own parents to put her ‘behind locked doors‘. How sad. I did a post on Children in the past vs the Present. Are the kids of today harder to discipline? Or are the parents not getting involved enough with their child’s progress? The main focus was on Allan’s friend’s daughter’s behaviour.

But today’s spotlight is on a different girl, with a different issue. She is 16. Have a toddler. Unmarried. Haven’t got a clue who could be the father of the toddler. Now, she is pregnant again. Same thing. Too many sex partners. No one wants to take up the responsibility.

Her parents’ didn’t spare the rod on her.
But her skin has thickened over the years, the caning doesn’t hurt anymore.
Her bones have been tested so often, it has broken too many rods.
Her parents surrendered.
Instead of asking help from the Almighty in the heavens, they sought help from the mortals on earth – Girls Home.

*Deep sigh*

So go read those 2 posts if you have time, we are definitely in the era of ‘Challenging-Parenting’. Lots of ‘upgrading‘ on our side to meet the ‘standards‘ of today’s kids. Hmmm….

Full Story over here.

Children in the past vs the Present