last night 9pm

“Mommy….(scratching his right knee) ….very itching….very pain…..”cried Keatkeat.

Must be the mosquitoes, I thought. Ready to reach out for Mopiko to stop his itch. But I was wrong. He has about 8 -10 irregular bumps, big and small, on that right knee which he was scratching really hard. There was a potential danger that he may overdo it, so I ran for the nail-clipper and trimmed his nails real short.

When that was done, surprisingly that itching area subsided. Noooo…wait! It migrated to the left knee! “Mommy, they ran over to this side….and got more….maybe they ask their friends to come…”

He was perspiring profusely from the scratching. I switched on the fan. Wrong move! The affected areas increased. Now small bumps were appearing every where. The shoulders, the elbows, the hands, the feet….except the face! Lucky!

This looked really familiar. I was searching through my memory files and found the answer in the file labelled eldest sis-in-law.

Hives! That’s it! She had this 2 months ago. She is still having them every now and then. It comes and goes, on its on. No medication needed. No food in particular to avoid. Just stay away from the windy places.

Windy places…Damn! My fan is on. Jumped up on my feet and put that wind machine to sleep. Indeed, 10 mins passed. The areas disappeared on its own.

last night 10pm

Called my mother-in-law (who is staying with my sis-in-law) to confirm the symptoms. Then called my 72 year old Chinese physician uncle for confirmation. Both said, “Yes!”

Advice: Avoid windy places, drink more water preferably barley to cool down the body. The warmer Keatkeat feels the more bumps he’s gonna get.

Went to this site and got to know the causes:-

Many substances can trigger hives:

  • Medications (Keatkeat is not on medication)
  • Shellfish, fish, nuts, eggs, milk, and other foods (did not eat anything special yesterday)
  • Pollen (He was at home the whole time)
  • Animal dander (especially cats) (no pets in the house)
  • Insect bites (possible)

Hives may also develop from:

  • Infections like mononucleosis or illness (including lupus, other autoimmune diseases, and leukemia) (out of the question)
  • Emotional stress (oh no. at this age? maybe he got infected by my stress)
  • Extreme cold or sun exposure (don’t think so, although the weather has been unpredictable lately)
  • Excessive perspiration (excessive? he has been perspiring this much ever since he learnt to run)

last night 10.15pm


Keatkeat’s itch was unbearable for him and for us to see. He was like a little monkey that can’t stop scratching. Rushed down to 7-11 to try our luck. No Calamine lotion nor any Prickly Heat powder. But we were lucky, it was SATURDAY and Giant at IMM opens till 1am.

So off we went and lucky indeed. The Guardian was still in operation. We got both the medication. After payment, got Keatkeat to sit at a corner of the shop and started applying the Prickly Heat powder all over. “Ahhhh….I love it….very cold….not itchy already…put more here and here and here…..” smiled Keatkeat.


Just before he sleeps. Got the powder all over his legs and hands. “Mommy, I’m like a snowman….”

Today 10am

Woke up with perfect skin. All was gone.

today 8pm

The bumps came back and they are all over the face now. Start applying the Calamine lotion. Although hives are not contagious, but when I see the bumps, I didn’t realise I was scratching myself too. So hives not contagious, scratching is!

today 9pm

Keatkeat became feverish. 37.3 Degrees Celsius. Started to cough too. Guess the hives have affected the throat area. My worst fear is this cough will trigger his ‘worst friend’ to join in the fun- Bronchitis. Then I will be in big trouble again.

today 10pm

“Mommy….I got pokka-dot here….” Dear readers, that’s not Keatkeat….its Binbin!!! Even Binbin have it now!!

today 11pm

Allan came back from his appointment. Lost his voice, got migraine and slight fever.

So now I’ve got 3 babies to take care off…..Wish me luck!