…. might come true afterall…. its a warning sign….

Over and over again, I had stressed that my greatest fear is to see my boys wearing glasses. Personally, I hate glasses. Though its totally on the opposite side as to why I started wearing one; and with EACH SIDE pushing towards the 1000 mark. *eyes rolled*

I scared them by doing this video. And they took heed till this day. So that video really worked!

The school educated them with these colourful stickers and they are still seen everywhere in my house.

I tried my best to prevent my fear from coming true, since there is still no conclusion to my research on whether myopia is hereditary.

Today Keatkeat told Allan before we set off for school…
“Papa, teacher put me at the last row. I cannot see some of the words on the white board.”

Allan instructed ‘his Secretary’ (a.k.a Me) straight away….
“Write a letter to his teacher and tell her about this.”

And so the secretary wrote (Damn! I should have just took a picture of my letter and could spare me the time from typing it now. *eyes rolled*)
“Dear Teacher, Zac* told us that he has trouble reading the words on the board ever since he had been placed at the back row. We have had his eyes checked few months ago. No signs of myopia.

He would like to sit at the first two rows, but he dare not request for it. Do you think you can grant him his wish by moving him forward? Or do you think we should send him for another eye examination?
Please advice.”

Today after school, Keatkeat announced, “Teacher change my place again. Now I am sitting in the center of the class. And I can see the words on the board clearly.”

I just cannot resist but Clapped and cheered “Yeah!” loudly!! Now, who cares about keeping a nice image in public! *eyes rolled* I Am Happy and I just had to show it with  Sound and Motion!!! *Grin*

***For those of you who may have missed my ‘Official Post’, Keatkeat is now known as Zac in school.