Up…..and probably the last, till many months or even many years later as a punishment…..

The boys remembered the 5 golden rules I laid down when they went for their very first movie. Unfortunately, they broke rule number 5 this time….

Remember my 4 free movie passes I received after the event with the Health Promotion Board? Yes, we put them to good use today for the earliest show ofUP in AMK HUB this morning.

Keatkeat didn’t join his class for the  trip to the zoo today so he had ‘holiday’. We explained to him that he had been there a couple of times this year and had so much fun because of the long hours spent there. Whereas the class is going there for just 2+hours and most importantly, they were NOT going to the WaterPlay area. So Keatkeat was no longer interested.

So instead of practising ‘joining-the-dots’ in school today, Binbin was with us enjoying the movie at 11am. They love it and so did we. Its really cool to be in a cinema when there are hardly anyone around, because of the time of the show > TOO EARLY!! *giggle*

cushakAnd for buying the set of popcorn + drink, we kept the cup and got this beautiful ‘shaker‘, as souvenir.

The boys kept turning it upside down and back just to see the colourful ‘balloons’ fall like snow…*smile*


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