entranceAs per previous post, I mentioned that Kidz Amaze @ Safra Jurong is a place which made the kids laughed and cried. Laughed because they had fun chasing each other, cried because of skin abrasion caused by the spiral slides.

Let’s talk about the laughter first:


Your child and all entering adults will get a stamp on the back of the hand for identification purposes AND remember to bring along your socks. Check out the entry rates for Kidz Amaze below:


You can see the overview of the place in the first video on my previous blog post.

My 5 year old Binbin loved shooting aimlessly, even though he is suppose to aim at the different ‘insects’ all around…

5levelstargets to shootAnd

After getting sick and tired of climbing in and out everywhere, ‘soft’ ball fight with his Papa is just as fun…..

The biggest attraction in Kidz Amaze would be the 3 spiral slides. You have seen Binbin and Han went through the first short slide in my previous blog post.

This is another shorter slide:-

WARNING: There is only one way in and out of this slide and the stairs are structured in a VERY weird way. It is narrow and if you are big in size, I suggest you just let your child go for this slide while you watch.

POINT TO NOTE: The ‘stairs’ in Kidz Amaze are structured in a very strange way. You are not able to see if another person is coming down when you are climbing up and vice versa. With active kids all over the place, including teenagers too, please be prepared that your head or back will be stepped on when the situation happens.

Now, here comes the main Skin Tearing story:
The children were told to cross their arms in a hand-on-shoulder manner whenever they go on the spiral slides, by the friendly counter staff. But when children play, how many of them really obey instructions?

Guess what?!
Even when you OBEYED the instruction, the turn in the slide was so fast and so powerful, you get swung to one side and the normal reaction from a human is to stretch out the hand to prevent the head from being knocked onto the slide, isn’t?!

That is when the injury came.
Binbin and Keatkeat were sliding fine on their own, until Binbin was about to try the TALLEST slide. My 2nd niece went for it before him and told him how scary it was and that she got skin abrasion at the end of it.

The comments made my 5 year old doubted and for the first time, he requested that I go with him. I thought, since I had my jeans on, my legs should be well protected with him sandwiched between my legs.


I tried ALL 3 slides at Kidz Amaze and this LAST slide really took the skin of my flesh!

This photo was taken BEFORE we took the ride down together. Look at how happy he smiled before the ride… yet he came out in tears at the other end… *sigh*
bin tallest sign

Due to the steepness, the speed was very fast and the turn was very sharp too. So both Binbin and I went down with our arms crossed at first, but when it swung us to the right, I had to stop my head from being dragged along the side of the slide, I released my crossed arm and that’s when the disaster happen.

We were both swung onto the right, Binbin was pressing my released right arm AGAINST THE SIDE of the slide and that was how I could not FREE MY ARM and my HEAD! I thought I might end up partially bald at the end of it! My head was DRAGGED along as we went down further…. *faint*

In the end, Binbin’s arm ended up with this!!! :

bin's injury

And me?!

I had a TOTAL OF 6 PARTS of my skin sliced off! 1 on my left elbow, 2 on my last two fingers on my right, , 1 on my right arm, 1 on my right elbow and the MOST PAINFUL had to be the one on my right wrist. You can see the photos over at my personal blog in this post “Skin Abrasion is so painful! Ouch!!!!“.


You can get endless plasters from the counter for FREE. Which makes me wonder, since Kidz Amaze provides plasters, that means they are already aware of the danger, isn’t? Then why are they NOT improving on their slides quality, instead of giving advise or instructions before the children take on the slides; which usually goes to deaf ears.

And the worst part is, WE OBEYED THE INSTRUCTIONS, and yet we still get hurt! WHAT LUCK!

So who else got hurt besides Binbin and I?

  • Allan – right elbow
  • My eldest niece – right elbow
  • My 2nd niece – arm and leg too

My 6 year old niece was the ‘happiest’ because she tried NONE of the slides. She thinks that the look of those slides are way too intimidating. Keatkeat who did not listen to half of what was instructed ended up with no injuries either.

When we asked my youngest niece if she would prefer Polliwogs or Kidz Amaze, she replied, Polliwogs! I told my Mommy to bring me to Polliwogs for my 7 year old birthday already. And she said OK!” She grinned and ran off….

So would I recommend Kidz Amaze to your child? I would only say this….

Unless you do these:-

  • NEVER go down the slide with another person at the same time

If you think all these are going to prevent your child from having the fun that he or she needs, then your child might not enjoy Kidz Amaze.