KTM Train Ride from Singapore to Malaysia was what my boys had been looking forward to since months ago, when we heard that the KTM train station at Tanjong Pagar will end its service on 1st July 2011. Though the station will be moved to Woodlands, the scenery throughout the journey would be so different then.

Not forgetting the paintings on the wall, the old coffeeshops, the mini ‘mama’ stalls, the significantly well-utilised Ticket Counters. See video and photos in my Personal Blog under the blog post “Tanjong Pagar Train Station ~ Memories“.

I was the only one who had been on a train. So for my man and my boys, it was truly a virgin train ride. *giggle*

Since our main purpose for the train ride was to ‘experience‘ what it is like to take a KTM train ride from Tanjong Pagar train station, we did not intend to go far.

We decided to take the 45mins ride to Johor Sentral. We bought the tickets yesterday, which was on Mother’s Day, and set off today on the 8am train.

  • S$15.00 per adult
  • S$11.00 per child

Since this was the first time Allan is in Malaysia for leisure. I decided to be the ‘tour guide‘ for that short few hours before we take the 5.15pm train ride back to Singapore.

We strolled around the Johor Sentral train station for 30mins before we set off to have fun.

As a Mommy, kids are the first priority. So I brought them to Jusco! Lots of stuff to talk about in Jusco, therefore I decided to put that into a separate blog post later.

After kids were fully satisfied, it was time to make me happy! *laugh* We went City Square, which is opposite the Johor Sentral train station. At the end of it, the boys were even happier than I was, with their first time shopping using Ringgits; from Ang Paos collected over the years during Chinese New Year. *laugh* Will talk about their purchases in a separate blog post too.

Everything went on really well till…

Tickets back home must be purchased 30mins before set off time. It was frustrating because there were so many people waiting to get their tickets but the ticket officer was taking his own sweet time!

10mins before the train set off and our queue number has yet to be called from that ONE operation counter!

  • RM$3.00 per adult
  • RM$2.00 per child

I needed the toilet and so did the boys, but we dare not go anywhere till we get on the train.

After purchasing the tickets, we waited again for another officer to allow us to enter the first gantry. I was so afraid I would pee infront of him. *legs crossed*

I was surprised that we were ‘forced‘ to wait again at the second gantry. Luckily there were restrooms at the waiting area and the boys and I went to relieve ourselves. *Phew*

When we came out of the toilet, all the passengers who were taking the same train as us were still held at the waiting area. *Double Phew* We did not miss a thing.

Though the train we took from KTM Tanjong Pagar train Station, was a 2nd class and our seats were reserved, we were back-seating towards the direction of the train movement. Not as perfect as we wanted to.

  • For front-facing seats, purchase seats numbers that are after 9 and NOT between 1 to 8.

For this journey back to Singapore, the train was a 3rd class train and the seats were not reserved, meaning it was free seating. We wanted to choose the front-facing seats; so after coming out from the toilet, my two boys and I sat on the very first bench that was nearest to the door of the gantry.

My heart is pounding fast again as I recall the scene….

In less than 10 seconds after the three of us rested our butts on the bench, we saw some 10-20 men dressed like the ‘fei-hu-dui’ below:

*Picture Courtesy of Google Images

They appeared from the basement where the train awaits. As they walked up the stairs, I saw two bearded men with their hands on their heads and with 4 to 5 fei-hu-dui men’s hands grabbing the bearded men’s shoulders and arms.

They were on the other side of the gantry and we were ‘safe‘ on the opposite side; our only defense was the glass wall that separated us.

There were about 20+ passengers, including us. So for safety reasons, I assumed that they would NOT come over to our side of the gantry, isn’t?


I forgot I was not in Singapore.

I was shocked and I did not react fast enough to get my boys’ and my butt off the seat. WE SAT VERY STILL…

I was sitting between the boys. Keatkeat was the nearest to the door, where the intimidating group walked through with the two criminals.

The first criminal walked passed us. Nothing happened.

Shit! My hands are sweating now as I type…

The second criminal walked through the door and like a tiger, he LEAPT over to grab Keatkeat!!!

His hands were just one feet away from Keatkeat’s lap! The loud slam of his big palms onto the metal bench is still ringing in my ears when he was dragged away from Keatkeat and pinned down on the floor by 6 to 7 fei-hu-dui men.

Immediately I grabbed my boys’ hands, stood up and walked towards Allan, who had been standing about 5 feet away from us, all these while.

Keatkeat was Shivering, his face gone Pale and lips went White!

Allan started to scold us infront of everyone, “Kahpo right?! Want to have the best view, right?!…”

One of the passenger turned towards Allan and kept saying “Exercise. Exercise.”
He meant that this was just a pretentious event and that Allan should not be overly concerned.

In my heart, I doubted.

  • If it WAS an exercise, why would the man attempt to grab Keatkeat as hostage?!
  • If it WAS an exercise, why are they doing it at a train-time? They could have done it when there are no trains and no waiting passengers.
  • If it WAS an exercise, why did they not inform the passengers at the waiting area first to mentally prepare them or ask them to stay away from the door? Or did they, but we were in the toilet and we missed it??

Then I started to beat myself up.

  • Why did I assume that they would not come over to our side?!
  • I am such a horrible Mommy, I put my children at such risk!
  • I should have been more alert and moved away the moment the first criminal walked through the door!
  • Why am I so blur!
  • Why must I wait for the second criminal to leap over before I know its dangerous!?
  • *SCREeeeeeAM* I am such an IDIOT!!!!

Immediately after the group of ‘fei hu dui’ was out of sight, we were signaled by yet another officer that we could go down to the basement to catch our train.

Me: “Keatkeat, how are you feeling now?”
Keatkeat: “I am very scared. I thought I am going to be captured.”
I hugged him tightly and tried to console him with my still-fast-beating heart, “Its alright now, its alright now…”

And when I asked my boys, “So do you still want to go to other countries?” This is their second trip out of Singapore. First time was without Allan.
Keatkeat: “Yes.”
Binbin: “No.”

Its My Fault!!! *Slap Slap Slap*

From the photo below, you can see that the only one with a really big smile was Allan. Because to him, so long as all of us are safe at the end of it all, nothing else matters anymore…

KTM Train Ride