The video on how to go to Legoland Malaysia from Woodlands Link is up already. Go check it out here “How to Go Legoland Malaysia from Woodlands Link

After standing outside the gates and looking into Legoland Malaysia twice, before it was opened to the public, we finally found the day to STEP IN for the first time on 15th October.


We expected the place to be hot, as there were not many shady trees inside the theme park, so since we had our Annual Pass “Annual Pass for Legoland Malaysia“, we decided to go after 3pm.

Though all rides end at 6pm, it would be perfectly alright for us, as we can always go back again and again until 31st December 2013. Thus, even if we miss some rides on our first visit, we would definitely have the chance to go back again.

Alright, let’s begin!
Less words,
More photos,
More videos……

Instead of rushing to the shops, the first thing my boys did when they entered Legoland Malaysia was to grab a map each and examine it with microscopic eyes! I was pleasantly surprised! I thought they would head for the shops and spend all their Ringgits!  *laugh*

They were the guide and we were the followers. Where they pointed, we went! *wink*






Ever since I became Mrs Loh, I had no one to join me for such thrill rides…’cos my dear hubby does not.
Now that my boys are ‘big enough’ to take on such rides, I have companions already…., finally!
*Super Duper Clap Clap Clap*

Hear us Scccrrreeeammmmm! Its us (Definitely) in the video, maybe you can pause it to have a closer look at our BIG mouths! *laugh*

I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY after the ride, but look at Kitkit’s face!  Frowning and walking on jelly legs! *huge laugh*

Oh oh! I think I did not just lose a roller-coaster companion, I lost TWO! When I wanted to go on another roller-coaster ride, “THE DRAGON“, both of them backed-out! *pout*


So all I could do is to have my hands in my back-pocket and walked on…to a SUPER WET RIDE : AQUAZONE WAVE RACERS.


At the end of this ride, my hair was dripping wet and so was my T-shirt because the ‘spraying machine’ gone haywire!

It was aiming and shooting at me and Binbin (we were in the same ‘wave racer’) while we waited for the others to hop into their wave racer!

Meaning, BEFORE the ride even started, I was already having my hair washed in public! *faint*

I used my body to shelter Binbin’s, thus my back was totally soaked THROUGH too! *double faint*

A body dryer was right infront of me, but I did not bother. Well, I am here to have fun, not going to waste time going into any human microwave.

So with hair dripping wet and a back soaked through, we ran off to fly the plane at LEGO CITY AIRPORT! Though no hot air to dry myself, but a a short spin-dry still helps. *wink*


As you can see, I was with them on all the rides so far. Yet, I was way too tall for this.


Actually, they were ‘OVERheight‘ too! *laugh*
So they head over to the other side that said “DRIVING SCHOOL (without ‘Junior’)

It was a shame that Kitkit did not know where we were standing, so he did not drive towards our direction.

The BEETLE BOUNCE was another ride which the BIG KIDS like Allan and myself could not play. *Super Boo*


The kids were taken by surprise! They were NOT expecting to feel that ‘sensation‘ at all! Spot where did Kitkit’s left hand go…, halfway through the ride?!? *laugh*


I was surprised that though this ride made Kitkit felt ‘high‘, he wanted to go again. In the end, it was 3 times for this!


Allan had been our videographer and photographer the whole time. He does not like thrill rides at all.

So the only rides that he hopped into with us was the one which got me really wet previously : AQUAZONE Wave Racers; and the other was this (left photo) : LOST KINGDOM ADVENTURE

Its a shooting ride and points are given for every perfect shot you hit throughout the short 1min or so ride. It takes 4 people each time, just nice for the four of us. *smile*

The boys loved it so much, we went twice!

As you probably have expected, Allan scored the highest point twice. *pout*

It was already 5.45pm and all rides close at 6pm and THIS was our LAST STOP : DINO ISLAND

OMG!!!! Even before our boat set off, we were already wet! There was NO spot in the whole boat which was dry, thus we had no choice but to sit on water puddles! *faint*

How DRY were we after the ride?
Not much!


I felt as if I had pee-ed in my pants!
*huge laugh*

It was our last ride and we did not want to leave Legoland Malaysia looking like that. Thus we tried out the BODY DRYER.
RM5 each time. I think it lasted for about 1min or so.

Kitkit loved the heat and did a short dance in it, took out his glasses and air-dried that too.

Did it work?
Well, great for shirts and hair, but not so much for jeans and shoes.

There were MANY MORE rides which we did not hop into because of time constraint, but no complains, ‘cos we know we WILL BE COMING BACK again. *wink*

The following were the few which we wanted to try on our first visit but the waiting time was too long (for us), so we skipped them. To us, anything more than 2 rows of queue is considered too long.






Its a 45mins class that teaches your child how to operate a LEGO robot. It was fully booked for the entire day when we reached there. So if you want to go for this, you need to ‘book‘ your spot early.

There is this section in LEGOLAND MALAYSIA, right in the middle of of the entire place, that mesmerize the young, the old and LOTS of photographers : MINILAND

My boys went crazy chasing the train and running around the entire MINILAND with the train leading them. *laugh*





It was past 6pm and everyone was heading out of the gates, but my boys spotted a shop which was still buzzing hot : THE BRICK SHOP.

Oh My!
They literally went insane here and refused to leave, no matter how many times Allan and I told them to choose their bricks on our next visit because LEGOLAND MALAYSIA was closing for the day.


We sat there for 15mins while the kids looked frantically for the perfect bricks to form their creation, in the hope that they would beat the time, before we get chase out by the staff.
But they failed.

Extremely disappointed and putting back their half created item unwillingly, they asked in unison: “Can we come again tomorrow?!”

“Well, it depends on your behaviour from now till tomorrow.” their Papa said.
They did not know that we had ALREADY planned to come again tomorrow even before we came today! *laugh*

Though we reached here at 3pm+ and left at 6pm+, we are VERY HAPPY with the number of rides and experiences we had on our first visit. *Super Thumbs Up*


Next post ~ Legoland Malaysia – Second Visit, whereby we start off from where we left off today….


Legoland Malaysia – First Visit!