This was our 3rd time to Polliwogs. Well, my birthday boy loved this place and we had free entry passes and free flow of coffee & tea, so why not right? *wink*

We realised the Outdoor play area has changed. Personally I think its a great change. The previous structure – the slide,  was really scary and dangerous in my point of view. (see my first blog post on Polliwogs ‘Children Having Fun At The Polliwogs‘)

With this new structure, I think its safer for my children to play outdoor, do you think Polliwogs is safer for your child now too?

This third visit to Polliwogs was timing perfect. They have mini-events, on every Tuesday and Wednesday and Binbin’s birthday happened to fall on Wednesday this year.

That day, they were having a mini-craft session – fan making. Keatkeat was busy learning his Chinese spelling at the coffee table, so he did not join the class.

One of the staff was so nice to write ‘Happy Birthday Zen’ on his fan.

Because Polliwogs captures moments of their mini-events, so Binbin appeared on their Facebook fanpage too!

How Cool! *smile*

As usual we stayed till the place closed for the day. It was definitely a lucky day for us. We had been eyeing the mini-stylo-milo sofas ever since we first visited the place more than a year ago, but never had the chance. But this time Whoo-hoo…..

Both boys told me that they want to celebrate their birthdays at Polliwogs every year! *eyebrows raised* What can I say, my children REALLY love Polliwogs! *smile*

To have a better view of the entire place, you might want to check out my first post on this place ‘The Polliwogs‘.