We are still testing the causes of Binbin’s Eczema. We thought it could be due to his favourite fruit – Orange. I’m so glad that it isn’t. So the search for the cause of his skin problem is still on.

For Binbin the slogan is “An Orange a day Keeps my Tantrums Away!” *Huge Laugh*

I’ve always wanted to show you his craze over Fruits, especially Oranges. Most importantly, I wanted to record down his ability to PEEL, UN-SEED and EAT one orange all on his own when he is just 3 years old. By the way, he could do all of these half a year ago. Lazy mommy took so long to record the moments.

(*pardon the background noises. My bi-weekly helper was doing her cleaning routine.)

The last sentence in the top video was “Hi! I’m Meena.” Then ‘Meena’ starts to ‘talk’ in the video below. Ok, I’m not encouraging you to play with your food, ok? *laugh*

What completely amazes me is his ability to UN-SEED like an adult, when he is only 3! Or are all 3 years old able to do this?! The 3 years old whom I’d taught in child care couldn’t. Can your 3 year old do this like a pro too?