Allan filmed this when Keatkeat was practising his Graduation Dance last month. (***Allan filmed the wrong way up again. *faint*) When Allan came home and showed me the video, I was surprised to see my ‘short’ boy placed at the back row.

Yesterday, I was lucky to catch him in action and I finally understood WHY.

He was dancing to his own rhythm. He was either too fast or too slow. *faint*

When I looked at him from the front, I could hardly see him, because all his other classmates were ‘half a head‘ taller. So I doubt I would be able to get a good shot at him during tomorrow’s Full Dress Rehearsal. It was the teacher’s wise choice to put my shortie Keatkeat right at the back, so that the group performance would appear more synchronized’.

Oh, anyway, parents were FORBIDDEN to take videos nor photos during the Graduation Ceremony itself! How Stu***!!! They fear that with so many parents standing up or raising their cameras, other audience would be disturbed.

The school even ‘threatened‘ that parents who disobeyed this golden rule may be asked to leave the place! *faint*

Having to pay $12/pax to go for my boys’ rehearsal and the graduation ceremony was already hair-pulling and after I saw the costume which we paid $40 for, I really felt like Sccrrreeeeeaaaammming!!! *AAaarrrggghhhhh*

I could easily find a BETTER piece at a retail price of $18!!! Mind you, I used to sell such costumes!!! *AAaaarrrrggghhhhhh* Touching the material, I can even tell you the COST of it! *AAaaarrrrggghhhhhh* And the school charged us $40 for it!!! *Aaaarrrrrggghhhhh*


Ok, back to his dancing….. As a dancer myself (in the past) , I would have gone crazy if I had a dance member who could not dance to the beat. But I was not pissed when it came to Keatkeat, because I KNOW my boy.

He is those hip-hop, ‘Yo-Yo’ kind of dancer. He could do Michael Jackson Moonwalk and the ‘Tip-Toe’ Billie Jean very well; even to the song ‘Nobody’ by the famous Korean Group WonderGirls, but he just could not slow down his INTERNAL beat to dance to this Graduation Dance.

Let’s see if he would surprise me tomorrow, my ONLY CHANCE (given by the school) to video my boyS. Yes, its a big ‘S’ behind the word ‘boy’Binbin was selected to perform too, remember?….. So it would be DOUBLE EXCITEMENT for me tomorrow…. *wink*