Back-dated Post.
Happened on 14th November 2009, Saturday


bI was asked to help out in the preparation (make-up, belting the boys…) before the performers head off to the stage.

Feels so good being with children! Its like back to the days when I was teaching in Child Care Centre. So Fun! *Grin*

(Left: Picture of me and the boy ‘B’, whom I fell in love with when I first set my eyes on him 3 years ago, when Keatkeat entered Nursery. *giggle*)



I would say it was less exciting as compared to the Full Dress Rehearsal. ‘Cos we could NOT run up to the stage and take photos or video-ed him like crazy. *giggle*

But all ‘h***’ broke loose at the grand finale. Parents started moving out of their seats. Cameras and flashes were everywhere. “Parents please sit down.” was repeated over the microphone several times. But NO ONE CARED!!! *laugh*


We joined in the rebellious majority and Allan started filming the beautiful finale.

My only regret was not being able to video Keatkeat’s EXCELLENT performance that day. After I told him the mini-changes needed, he danced SO WELL! OMG! After watching so many of his practices, his ACTUAL performance turned out to be THE BEST! Whoo-hoo!

He even WINKED at us (after he spotted us) AS HE DANCED!
Aaaawwww… isn’t he cute or what!!!?

When the whole graduation ceremony was over, he asked, “Mommy, did I do a good job? I hold my hand up until ‘hey hey hey’ then I start to jog. Is that good?”

“Its AWESOME! I am sooooooooooo proud of you!”

When we were on our way home to bathe and dress them for my niece’s birthday party. I held him up. Kissed him countless times. Spun him around. “Mommy is sooooooooooo proud of you!” And did just the same to my little ‘selected’ Nursery Boy (Binbin) too…*wink*

Physical is Memorable.
Praise your Child

not with words alone,
but With Actions too.

~ Angeline Foong