For the SAME purpose as last year’s post “Kids’ School Exam Results“, this acts as an easy reference for me, when people ask me for my children’s exam results, as I do not bother to use my memory cells on things that are of low priority to me.

Binbin’s Primary 2 Overall Results:
English Language : 83/100
Chinese Language : 68/100
Mathematics : 83/100

Binbin’s teacher wrote on his report book: “Zane is a responsive and diligent boy. he displays ability to carry out or complete tasks with minimal supervision. he is neat in his work and is capable to achieve good grades.”


Kitkit’s Primary 4 Overall Results:
English Language : 76/100
Chinese Language : 54/100
Mathematics : 74/100
Science : 85/100
Social Studies : 79/100

Kitkit’s teacher wrote on his report book: “Zec has made an improvement in his writing this semester. That is good. He can learn, however, to work together with his group members and contribute his share of ideas and opinions.”

We had a pact with Kitkit since last year. It was meant to be a motivational factor, but I guess, he needs more than that…. He agreed to continue with Chinese tuition during the year end school holidays IF HE DID NOT PASS his year end Chinese paper 2 and he failed by 6 marks.

Though the overall score on his report book states 54/100, it is not this that the pact was based on, thus he has to fulfill that promise made last year. With a zillion unwillingness, he was man enough to take the ‘punishment‘.

A very disappointed Chinese tutor had no choice but to “bring out the whip”, “tighten the rope” and hope that the time she spends with him during this year end school holiday will help.

How can a fish learn to climb a tree when the fish cannot even survive out of the water? That was exactly how I felt when I was ‘forced by the school‘ to take Chinese as one of the subjects…..and I can feel that same ache in my son now….

Somehow, I survived those years….. *fingers crossed* for my boy…..



2013 Kids’ School Exam Results