All my faithful readers know how UNINTERESTED I am about my children’s academic results. My ONLY FOCUS is “Did they pass?”

Yes, 50/100 and I am happy.

However, that is NOT the case for many parents and likewise, my boys’ grandparents are VERY PARTICULAR about their 6 grandchildrens’ school exam results.

During this time of the year, they always ask “So how much did they (KitKit and Binbin) fare for their final year exam?” However, my reply “Passed.” is NOT satisfactory to them, they want to know the exact score for each subject.

As my focus is different from theirs, I do not bother to remember their scores.

Thus I decided to do up this post, so that I can use this as a reference when they ask.

Kitkit’s Primary 1 Overall Results:
English Language : 86/100
Chinese Language : 82/100
Mathematics : 86/100

Kitkit’s Primary 2 Overall Results:
English Language : 82/100
Chinese Language : 66/100
Mathematics : 82/100

Kitkit’s Primary 3 Overall Results:
English Language : 78/100
Chinese Language : 52/100
Mathematics : 85/100
Science : 79/100

This year, Kitkit failed his Chinese Final Year exam paper (47.5/100), thankfully his OVERALL result (mid-year result + year-end result) managed to give him a ‘green‘ score on his report book.

Remember this post “Science Tuition“, whereby I admit that even though I scored A1 for my Science during my school days, I am NOT COMPETENT to teach. Knowing a subject and knowing HOW to teach a subject is totally two different issues. Thus I chose to let another person teach Kitkit this subject, while I continued to coach him on English, Chinese and Maths.

From a passing grade of 5 marks, now he scored 79/100. Yeah! Money spent on the Science Tuition did not go to waste. Hooray! *Super clap clap clap*

As he FAILED his Chinese written paper this year, I know that even though after using 5 different tools, plus lots of creativity, heart and determination as mentioned in this post “I need tools to teach Chinese, or maybe not” it is still NOT ENOUGH to help him pass his Chinese exam.

I think, the bottom line is, MY FOUNDATION OF THE SUBJECT was already not strong in the very first place.
Whenever he asks, “Mummy what is this Chinese word?”
I had to look it up in the Chinese dictionary and that breaks the reading momentum.
Imagine me doing this constantly, how can Kitkit or any child stay interested right?

Like I had said in the very beginning, my focus is ‘PASS or FAIL’. Now that he had failed his Chinese under my coaching, I had decided to send him for Chinese tuition next year. Hopefully he can get a passing grade from then on for this language.

So much for Kitkit, now lets talk about my younger son’s result.

Binbin’s Primary 1 Overall Results:
English Language : 87/100
Chinese Language : 71/100
Mathematics : 97/100
*clap clap clap*