The school had a term 1 Meet-The-Parents session today. What perfect timing isn’t? Read my post yesterday?



Yup! I just had to ask, “Is there any form of communication between teachers teaching different subjects?”

Miss N. (Keatkeat’s Chinese Teacher) replied, “Yes.”

Me: “If yes, then may I know what is the reason for arranging Both Maths and Chinese tests on the same day?”

Miss N. “What? I did not know about that.”

In my head I was going, “Huh?! But you just said you guys communicate with each other and now you said you did not know?!”

Miss N. continued to explain, “We have a representative for each class to ‘coordinate’, to prevent such issues from happening. For Primary One students, we would not want to give them two tests on the same day. Let me feedback this…. This should not have happened.”

So it was the mistake of the representative which stressed us up. *eyes rolled* Now I am hoping for good news next week….. *fingers crossed*