Now I can say, “my CHILDREN are Primary School kids.” What a great summarising sentence, compared to last year, whereby I had to say, “One is in Primary 2 and the other is in Kindergarten 2.”


PhotobucketIt was great to see how excited Binbin was, when he woke up at 8.30am this morning.

So different from his elder brother’s level of excitement.

Binbin was constantly looking at the clock and asking frequently, “What time do we need to leave the house? I don’t want to be late for school.”

“What time do I need to start bathing? I don’t want to be late.”

“What time are we going for lunch? I don’t want to be late on my first day of school.”

“What time do I need to finish my lunch. Cannot be late leh!”

etc… *laugh*

It was even more wonderful to have Keatkeat ‘sneaked‘ into the canteen with my camera phone to take this shot! ‘First Recess’.

Its something that I could not capture when Keatkeat was in Primary 1. *sigh*
Keatkeat in Primary 1 blog post
The school does not allow parents to go into the canteen. Only allowed us to stand at the perimeter of the canteen.

Binbin’s buddy was as shy as Keatkeat’s buddy and was also a Primary 5 student.




Keatkeat really looked like a Primary 1 student when he went in to look for his brother. Ohhhhh Keatkeat, please stop slouching and grow taller…. faster!

They loved this big chess ‘board‘ because its painted with their favourite colours! Keatkeat loves blue and Binbin loves green!

Binbin was as cool as a cucumber today! I am so proud of him. *Grin*
The ONLY thing that makes me frown is the 30mins break on every school day.

Binbin needs to be in school at 12.30pm
Keatkeat is out from school at 1pm

30mins to go home and come back is not a sensible move because I could only stay at home for 5mins before I had to come out again. I can hardly do anything decent in that short time.

So loitering around the neighbourhood with Allan was what we did today. But the thought of doing it for ONE WHOLE YEAR ?!?!? *frown*

Binbin’s First Day as a Primary 1 student