Day 1 (4th Jan):

UNBELIEVABLE!!! My Primary One Teacher in 1984 is my KeatKeat’s PRIMARY One TEACHER TOO!!!

I did not expect his first day in Primary School could be THIS exciting for me! *laugh*

Time passed so quickly with all the In-And-Out of the house.
8am – Bring Binbin to school
10.30am – Prepare Keatkeat for school + Lunch
12pm – Fetch Binbin from school first, then Bring Keatkeat to school
12.45pm – Help my BIL to deliver his goods
2.45pm – Went back to School to see Keatkeat in Action at the Canteen

I felt so good when Keatkeat was assigned to hold the signage. Being the shortest in class and first in line, who else could be a better choice? *laugh* Keatkeat felt so proud of himself too. *smile*

After Keatkeat told us that his teacher called his name wrongly,  (as usual, Read this post to know why) I wrote his teacher (which was mine) that same letter but with a little twist. *wink* I scanned my Primary School Photo into that letter. Identifying who I was. *giggle*


I posted this photo up on Facebook, and NO ONE till this day could guess which one was I. *laugh*

This photo brought back lots of memories. The many occasions when I needed to stand outside the Principal’s office as a punishment for some misbehaviour or something, just makes me laugh. Ooooohhh yes, I was a school terror when I was 7. *giggle*

Can You Guess Which Little Girl Am I? *wink*

(Just in case you had missed those posts which have my face in it, you can go here to see ‘me’. *wink*)


Day 2 (5th Jan):

budKeatKeat and his buddy had become really close. Always chatting away. He is a very nice boy. Always putting his arms over Keatkeat’s shoulder. Really like a Big Bro! *Smile*

Keatkeat’s first sentence when we met at Recess time was “Today teacher call me ‘Zac’. And I eat Fishball again. Yesterday 3. Today 2. I got buy Milo too.”

First day he spent $0.30, second day he spent $0.20 + $0.90. So the $1.50 a day was enough. Great! *smile*

He was extremely happy that he has ‘leftover‘ everyday to *Kaching* into his piggy bank; and yet at the same time, he could enjoy what he likes to eat.

First sentence after school: “I Love Mrs L.!!! She scolded other people but didn’t scold me! I Love Her!”


Fetching him from school was AWESOME for me, cos Mrs L. walked over and chatted with me!!! I had butterflies in my tummy but held my composure, stretched out my hand to initiate a handshake. AAaaawwww….that moment was ‘Woah’!

hoBinbin in the morning session.
Keatkeat in the afternoon session.
The boys hardly get to meet each other.
This little separation has pulled the two siblings closer.


Its been a really long time since they last held hands without being told to.


Day 3 (6th Jan):

Today was Red day.

Keatkeat had RED beard.

My untidy boy washed his lips but not the surrounding. I should have snap a shot before wiping him clean. “Mommy, I eat spaghetti today. $1.00.” My mind was going “Oh Yes, its so obvious! The evidence is still around your mouth!” *eyes rolled*

blBinbin had RED toe.

He was playing with a big toy block  in school and it fell onto his toe, literally sliced off his skin.

My super-high-threshold-for-pain-boy, as usual, did NOT shed a tear. Other incidents include his head banged on steel , the 4cm slit below his jaws, the chipped off tooth…. none of these had made him shed a tear. *faint*

He limped the whole day. I hope it did not hurt any vein or nerve nor cracked a bone. *heart pain*