Surrounded by babies lately. Just earlier this week, my Seconday School Friend, Xiuyan, gave birth to a lovely daughter. Today, I will be going to my Primary School Friend, Lianmeng’s son’s full month celebration party.

So the usual-must-have: 1st-month-cake, Red Eggs and the Ang Ku Kueh will be expected. For those of you who are curious to know what does each of these symbolises, can read this which I posted last December.

All parents know that the price of baby stuff are usually on the high side. My dear friend, Peishan and I bought these for Lianmeng’s baby. Simple stuff like these actually add up to $60. Phew!

I prefer to buy useful things for baby shower celebration, but I know some of my friends prefer to buy other pretty stuff which are mainly for decoration purposes, what do you like to give for such events?