How time flies! It’s been one month since the birth of my Secondary School friend, Xiuyan’s 2nd daughter, Phedre.

Buying presents for girls are always so much easier than buying for boys! Remember just 2 weeks ago, my Primary School Friend Lianmeng celebrated his son’s full month? It was so tough for me to decide what to buy for his son, even though I have 2 of my own.

This time, I decided to prevent such headaches by calling Xiuyan up and ask what she wants for her girl. “Pretty Clothes!” she shouted. That was so super easy and so I went and got lots for Phedre. Clothes that she can wear from now till she is 1+. 

On top of that, I added one toy and one voucher so that the gift won’t look so clothy. Then get them all into the nice Winnie the Pooh carrier. I am actually quite satisfied with this pack. *wink*

With my own small pocket I wouldn’t be able to get this much, so all the above were shared between 2 other friends, Baolian and Juliana, and me! I’m glad I was the one assigned to buy all of this girly stuff, so fun!

Can you believe it – the limited stuff which I bought for Lianmeng’s son actually cost more than ALLLLLLL THIS! *eyes rolled*