Graduation Ceremony

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Back-dated Post.
Happened on 14th November 2009, Saturday


bI was asked to help out in the preparation (make-up, belting the boys…) before the performers head off to the stage.

Feels so good being with children! Its like back to the days when I was teaching in Child Care Centre. So Fun! *Grin*

(Left: Picture of me and the boy ‘B’, whom I fell in love with when I first set my eyes on him 3 years ago, when Keatkeat entered Nursery. *giggle*)



I would say it was less exciting as compared to the Full Dress Rehearsal. ‘Cos we could NOT run up to the stage and take photos or video-ed him like crazy. *giggle*

But all ‘h***’ broke loose at the grand finale. Parents started moving out of their seats. Cameras and flashes were everywhere. “Parents please sit down.” was repeated over the microphone several times. But NO ONE CARED!!! *laugh*


We joined in the rebellious majority and Allan started filming the beautiful finale.

My only regret was not being able to video Keatkeat’s EXCELLENT performance that day. After I told him the mini-changes needed, he danced SO WELL! OMG! After watching so many of his practices, his ACTUAL performance turned out to be THE BEST! Whoo-hoo!

He even WINKED at us (after he spotted us) AS HE DANCED!
Aaaawwww… isn’t he cute or what!!!?

When the whole graduation ceremony was over, he asked, “Mommy, did I do a good job? I hold my hand up until ‘hey hey hey’ then I start to jog. Is that good?”

“Its AWESOME! I am sooooooooooo proud of you!”

When we were on our way home to bathe and dress them for my niece’s birthday party. I held him up. Kissed him countless times. Spun him around. “Mommy is sooooooooooo proud of you!” And did just the same to my little ‘selected’ Nursery Boy (Binbin) too…*wink*

Physical is Memorable.
Praise your Child

not with words alone,
but With Actions too.

~ Angeline Foong


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Best Friends 2009

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bbyjYesterday, Binbin‘s classmate’s parents handed these photos to me.

It was such a nice thing to do isn’t it?

Because our sons love each other’s company so much, Y.J.’s Mommy took shots of them together again during the Full Dress Rehearsal on 7th November 2009 (Left: Y.J. Right: Binbin)

Though this is NOT the first time she has taken photos of the two boys together, but this round, she did something which caught me by surprise.

byjShe was so super nice that she even took one shot which did NOT have her own son in it. This photo alone moved me deeply. (Left: Binbin Middle: Y.Z Right: H.S.)

I was busy taking photos and videos of my two boys during the Full Dress Rehearsal, but someone else was (secretly) in love with my son, to the extend of taking photos of him as well….. Aaawww…. my heart!

She did not forget to catch a shot of their teacher too, Miss N. (Left: H.S. Middle: Y.J. Right: Binbin Back: Miss N.)


Me: “Binbin, do you like Y.J.?”

Binbin: “Of cos! He always talk to me nicely. Play with me NICELY. Not like my other friends, play so hard and make me pain.”

Me: “So is Y.J. your Best Friend?”

Binbin: “No.”

Me: *Faint*

Binbin: “Y.J. is my Best Friend AND my Favourite Friend.”


As for Keatkeat, his Best Friend wasforced‘ to change every year. Pretty ironical.

First year, Nursery was a boy named R. Unfortunately, his father passed away that year and the whole family had huge adjustments to make. So R. left the school.

Second year, Kindergarten 1 was a Malay boy named A. *Sigh* As if its a curse, his family was struck with a major financial crisis, the parents could not afford to put him in this school anymore. So A. left too.

This year, Kindergarten 2, last year in Preschool is a tall boy named K.Y. Their relationship was so close that K.Y. was extremely pissed with Keatkeat for not telling him that 2nd November was his birthday.

K.Y. came and complained to me when I brought the cake down to the school for mini-birthday-celebration, “Auntie, Cheng Keat didn’t tell me today was his birthday. I am very angry.”

Me: “Aaawwww…. why?…”

K.Y.: “I don’t have time to make a present for him! If I know today is his birthday, I can make him a nice card yesterday and give it to him today.”

Me: “Thank you K.Y.! You can always give it to him tomorrow. Look at J.W. he is making a Birthday Card RIGHT NOW for Cheng Keat. You can make one for him now too, if you want…”

K.Y.: “No I don’t want to make one now. I have nice stickers at home. I don’t have them here. I can’t paste it on the card for Cheng Keat. *Humph*” And the angry boy walked off with folded arms…


Kids are still kids. They fight, they make up. At the Full Dress Rehearsal, they were seen with each other like shadows as if nothing has happened… (Front: K.Y. Back: KeatKeat) *Smile*


We adults should really learn this kind of mindset from them, ya? Let the bad feelings go…

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