One week March School Holiday is almost over. So many things have happened:
~Disciplinary issues
~Siblings squabbles
~Endless fun and outings
~Visit from Angels…

But I think, the most significant event has to be THIS!

As stated in the ‘Teeth Development‘ post, Keatkeat is right on time for the Central Incisors to fall.

Two weeks ago, Keatkeat cried when he was halfway through his lunch. As parents, its tears on our son’s face, but a sword in our hearts. So loving Daddy wanted to end his misery earlier and attempted to pluck the Central Incisors out for Keatkeat. BUT FAILED! *laugh*

It was that shaky (above video) since last month. After the experience we had with his ‘First Shaky Tooth‘, the impatient father knew that visiting the dentist is not going to help. That was why he tried to BE the dentist!

Yesterday, while we were taking a break from our shopping, Keatkeat sat beside me and went, “Nih..Nih…” He was trying to balance his left tooth, on the tip of his tongue and preventing it from falling over.

Allan and I were so excited and kept praising our 7 year old boy.

I wrapped the fallen tooth nicely with tissue paper and in that split seconds, Keatkeat turned totally pale!

He was gagging and feeling giddy. So we ended our fun and went straight home.

There was no blood at all throughout the whole event. We were worried. But soon after an hour of rest at home, the active boy was back to normal and guess what? THE OTHER CENTRAL INCISOR FELL OFF TOO! *clap clap clap*

I guess the two central incisors are truly good friends. It was only an hour apart. One just cannot bear to leave the other. *laugh*

Now, Keatkeat giggles at his own pronounciation of ‘F’ and ‘S’….. it comes with extra wind and saliva too. *laugh*

What a memorable day! Its such a day that makes being a parent all worthwhile. *Grin*