I like what I did last year. So I am doing it again. *wink*

The first sentence of the first post I wrote for each month in the year 2009…..

January: What a great way to start this new year with this wonderful award given by the sentimental Sandra.
Post Title: Happy New Year!

February: I had one of the most amazing time at my cousin’s house yesterday.
Post Title: Do You?

March: Its been a month since we last went over to my Parent-in-law’s house.
Post Title: Welcome Back Sunday

April: (Dear friends, this is a post I had to struggle with. Please bear with me.)
Post Title: Sons, I’m Sorry, I HATE Your Grandma…

May: *Picture courtesy of Google Images
Post Title: Happy Labour Day

June: My in-laws gave us a surprise visit on last Saturday.
Post Title: The Journey Has Begun

July: This happened on 24th June:
Post Title: Swensen’s One for One Lunch

August: Just before I was hospitalised, for the 2nd time, in the afternoon, kids and I had great fun at Go Go Bambini in the late morning.
Post Title: Stop Smoking Before Your Child Starts

September: Went to see the doctor this morning. Did you ask “WHO”?
Post Title: A Fallen Nurse?

October: Mommy Loves The Two of You Very Much…Happy Children’s Day!
Post Title: Happy Children’s Day

November: For the very first and last time, he celebrated his birthday at his preschool with his classmates and his little brother.
Post Title: Happy 6th Birthday Keatkeat!

December: A child MUST master Lesson 1 before coming to this lesson.
Post Title: Money Lesson 2 for Preschooler

Farewell to A Roller Coaster 2009….