I missed this routine-year-end-post last year because I was so busy unpacking boxes of stuff in my new house.
This year, even though I feel more exhausted than ever, compared to past years, after the year-end school holidays, I was determined to get this post out.
I wonder if it was due to age or we had too many activities during the long school break this year…..whatever!
Feeling very much like a stick of sugar cane totally squeezed till the last drop…..
……….and who gets to drink the sweet savoury sugar cane juice?
*eyes rolled*

Ok, stop the nonsense!

Here goes……posting the first sentence of the first blog post of each month:

January: On the 2nd day of school, while I was in Malaysia, I saw two missed-calls from my MIL’s home number and decided to return the call, thinking that it could have been my MIL looking for us urgently, as Allan forgot to bring out his phone that day.
Post Title: Kids Talk – The 3 Musketeers

Post Title: What’s Life Like for 2013?

March: Yeah!!!!
Post Title: My Boys’ Very First Gloves

April: Ooops!
Post Title: First Vietnam Trip ~ Day 1/5 : Part 3/3

May: Guess who was labouring away in the kitchen on labour day?
Post Title: My Boy Baked Cookies by Himself for the First Time

June: Moving into the 2nd week of the 1 month school holiday and we had been out and about!
Post Title: School Holiday = EXTRA Bonding Time!

July: Now that my boys are older, their feedback after a movie is no longer just “Nice!” or “Funny!” or “Scary!”, they have more things to say.
Post Title: Movies Watched from Jan to June’13

August: Sunday 10+pm….
Post Title: Kids Talk : Were You A Kid Before?

September: For 4 consecutive years, we had been there, rain or shine to support our boys.
Post Title: Sports Day 2013

October: It has been a very long time since my boys went crazy running around in an indoor playground.
Post Title: Playful Elves at West Coast Plaza

November: This is the very first time Kitkit had a BIG birthday celebration.
Post Title: Kitkit’s 10th Birthday Celebration

December: “How time flies!” The favourite phrase of so many parents and probably its a sign of old age too. *laugh*
Post Title: Protecting his back with IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag


Wishing Everyone……..Best Health, Great Wealth and Overflowing Happiness in 2014!

Happy New Year everyone!